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Scott Kelby Photowalk - Bakersfield Group - (Explored #58)Get Group Rates Fast!

That’s our mission. And we can’t state it any simpler than that.

We provide an easy way for people to get group hotel rates without making a single phone call.

Most people dread planning any kind of group event because they know how much of a hassle it is to call hotels all over town just to get group rates. And once you do call, you end up getting a voicemail which leads to phone tag.

This process can take weeks, causing a lot of angst for the planner

And that’s where we come in

With GroupTravel.org, all you have to do is fill out one simple form and hotels in your desired location and budget will email you their group rates in less than five minutes. And the average savings for our groups is 24%.

You won’t find yourself leaving voicemails or waiting on proposals that never seem to come. Instead, you will be receiving group hotel rates in a format this is easy to understand and compare with competing offers.

Our system is fast and simple, making it easier than ever to get group hotel rates.

And what about group rates for cruises and airfare?

No worries, we’ve got people who work on that as well. Just fill out our cruise or airfare form and we’ll get you group rates in less than a day.

Our long term goal is to get your group rates in real time. And while we are a ways away from getting there, we will continue working towards that goal.

30,000+ Groups have received the lowest group rates

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100% Free. No Cost. No Obligation.