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Learn how to create a website for your class reunion with this series of articles

Making a website for a high school or class reunion used to be very difficult a few years ago.

It required knowledge of web design, programming languages and a host of other technical jargon.

Class Of 1991Plus the cost to make one was astronomical so many class reunion planners did not even bother.

Fast forward to now and things have changed dramatically. Making a class reunion website is not only cheap ($15/month), it requires no programming knowledge either. Plus, with how easy it is to create, you are expected to have one.

The following articles will help you decide:

  • Which class reunion website builder to use,
  • What kind of information to have on your website,
  • and what features are absolutely critical for a great class reunion website.

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Want to Create A Class Reunion Website That Rocks?

Conservatory Alumni Reception

What most people don’t realize is how proper planning of a class reunion website can increase the attendance at the event. With a few simple tweaks, your class reunion website can become the largest source of information for classmates. Read more.

Class Reunion Website Builder Review

Class of 1987 Group PhotoThere are many class reunion website builders and the decision to choose one can often be confusing and frustrating. So how do you tell the difference? You can read our comprehensive review where we compare features from all three website builders side by side.

Reasons Why You Must Have A Class Reunion Website

Social on the SquareA class reunion website is an absolute necessity in today’s day and age. Creating a website for such a large event is no longer considered a luxury. It is now a necessity. But do you really need one? There are many reasons why a class reunion website is absolutely essential to planning the event. Here are the top 5 reasons. Read more.

Does Your Class Reunion Website Stink?

Setting up TappanEver been to a website that was very confusing to navigate? How about a website where the font is too small, or too big, or is in ten different colors. Or one where there is no functionality to it, even though it should. The bad news is that there are way too many terrible class reunion websites out there. The good news is that the problems are easy to spot and fix. Read more.

The articles above will help you make a great looking website for your schools reunion. By educating yourself on what it takes to make a great reunion website, you will make it easier to plan the entire class reunion too.

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