Class Reunion Planner: Things To Consider Before Hiring One

Class DinnersPlanning a class reunion can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming.

Many people opt to hire a professional class reunion planner to help guide them to a successful class reunion.

This person is responsible for making all the class reunion arrangements from blocking hotel rooms to finalizing the centerpieces at the class reunion banquet.

There are several things to keep in mind when hiring someone to plan your class reunion.

Questions for the Reunion Planner

Before you hire a reunion planner there are questions that you should ask them to insure that they are qualified for the job and that they will be able to get the job done correctly and efficiently. A good resource for finding professional help is This website is run by the National Association of Professional Reunion Planners

  1. Years of Experience – Ask the planner how many years they have been planning events. This will give you an idea of the experience they having planning reunions and other events. You may want to ask for references if you are trying to narrow down your decision.
  2. Reunions Planned – Another question to ask the reunion planner is how many reunions they have planned. This will give you a more specific idea of their qualifications. Once you know how many reunions they have planned you will have an idea of whether they know how to handle the tasks that will need to be completed,.
  3. Credibility and References – You will not only want to ask for client references but also references from hotels, banquet halls and other businesses they have worked with. This will give you an idea of their rapport and relationship with the people that they will be in contact with when planning the event.

Things to Consider

Once you have selected a class reunion planner, these are things to consider:

Budget – Make sure that you allocate money from your budget to pay for the reunion planner

Upfront deposit – Ask the planner if there is a required deposit once they are booked to plan your reunion.

Services provided – You will want to ask the reunion planner what services they will be providing for the price that they are charging.

Package details – Find out what the entire package includes. If you are in need of other details and things to be included in your package, find out how much that is going to cost before you commit to using the reunion planner for your event.

Number of Guests – Have a general idea of how many guests are going to be attending the event. This will give the planner an idea of the venues and type of reunion you may want

Type of Reunion – If you have any ideas for the type of reunion to hold, make sure that you make this known

Location – If you have a specific location in mind let the planner know. This will allow them to narrow down the choices

Date – The planner will need to know the date of the event so that they can book any reception halls, entertainment or caters for the reunion.

When deciding to use a reunion planner there are things to consider and questions to ask before you make your decision. Be sure that the person is qualified and fulfills the needs of the class reunion.

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