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Create a website quickly with their templates. They offer a free 7 day trial. is one of the best websites that you could use to create your class reunion website. They focus on all kinds of reunions, including class reunions and offers a ton of functionality specific to the topic.

The following is our review of their website. It is part of our review of all the class reunion website builders.

Using is easy and anyone can use it to create a professional looking website with no knowledge of HTML coding or programming. You can also take payments online, send mass emails to classmates, uploads videos of the class reunion (post reunion), accept donations and tons more.

They offer a free basic package and a premium one with all the bells and whistles

The free basic package will allow you to create a 1 or 2 page website where you can sell tickets, accept donations, upload text, pictures, and video. This is a great option if you just need something simple.

For $19.95/month, you can opt for the premium package which includes just about every functionality you could need and more. Listed below are some of the features this company has to offer.

Website Design

We liked the fact that they have dozens of templates that can be customized with the colors of your school. In addition, you can use any font to match the design. Setting up different colors is easy since they let you select exact colors for the background, content, menu and image areas.

Polls Surveys And Questionnaires

Confused about what to kind of food to serve at the class reunion? Get the answer easily by asking classmates with a poll. Setting up a poll takes about five minutes and the answers are automatically tabulated for you.

Credit Card Ticket Sales

People prefer paying by credit card nowadays. In fact, most of the newer generation don’t even use checkbooks anymore.

Knowing this should encourage you to offer credit cards on your class reunion website and has made this process very easy (Setting up credit cards on the website will take about two days). Despite the processing fee, it is still worth it to offer credit cards as it will only encourage attendance.

MyEvent has processed over 20 million dollars in ticket sales and donations. Setting up Visa and Mastercard is effortless and transactions are always encrypted so your classmates can rest easy.

One of the best features of their credit card payment system is that it is real time. You can track ticket sales, and payouts through their control panel and download everything in excel for easy reporting.

Setting up ticket pricing for the entire event or individual events was also a breeze. Payment by classmates can be made via Paypal, check or ACH right into your bank (for $2.50 fee). Also, all credit card transactions are charged a 5.9% transaction fee and a 0.75 per ticket fee.

As an example:

Ticket Amount $100

Minus Processing Fee $5.90 (5.9% of $100)

Minus Ticket Fee $0.75

Net Ticket Proceeds $93.35

Photo Albums And Video

One drawback with many class reunion website providers is that when you upload pictures, they don’t always look right.

In order to get the image to look perfect, you have to “re-size” the image in a photo editing software. But who has the time to fix hundreds of images?

With MyEvent, you don’t have to re-size anything. Their upload software automatically re-sizes the photos as you upload them. Photos, and albums come out looking beautiful and professional. And you can create up to 50 albums with up to a thousand photographs.

Also, once the class reunion is over, feel free to upload any videos on and then share them on your class reunion website. Posting the video is as simple as copying the link in the page and pasting it into the website video upload area. Make sure to use the Twitter and Facebook links as well to spread the video to as many people as possible.

Also, a unique feature about MyEvent is that you can buy a CD of your entire class reunion website at any time. Of course the best time would be to purchase it after the class reunion is over.

Unlimited Pages

Many class reunion website builders put a cap on the number of pages you can create. With MyEvent, you can create an unlimited number of pages for the website.

Budget Tool

Another differentiation is the budget tool. While not full fledged, this tool comes in handy when you need reminders of what is due when.

Message Board

Setting up message boards is easy (getting people to start participating is the hard part). With the MyEvent message boards, you can set up different threads so people know where to go when they want to interact with others. Create different threads for updates, reunion questions, and to catch up.

Form Creation Is Easy

A feature that comes in very handy is the easy form creator in MyEvent. You can create a registration form, a class reunion questionnaire, a post reunion survey, or any other form. Once you’ve created it, it is simple to add it to any page.

Setting Up Emails To Classmates Was Simple

Need to send out a quick update to all classmates? Send it using the email blast which is included in the monthly price. We were able to create a basic email and send it out very easily in a few clicks.

A common theme with all of services is that they provide a lot of value for what they charge. While their monthly price is competitive, what separates them from everyone else is the ease of use and their 24/7 customer support.

For a class reunion that needs to customize a website, MyEvent would make a great partner. For one price, they include everything so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your services. If they offer it, you already have it. offers some of the best templates, and functionality that you can find when creating a class reunion website. We give them an overall grade of an ‘A’.

What Should You Do Next?

Start creating your own class reunion website at They also offer a free 7-Day trial with no credit card required.

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