Class Reunion Website Builders: Review

ClassQuest- FREE Class Reunion Websites

ClassQuest offers a ton of features to help create a class reunion website. Learn how to get a free website below.

Creating a class reunion website on is simple and straightforward.

They have many of the same features and functionality that you will find on other Class Reunion Website Builders like MyEvent and Class Creator.

Setting up custom pages where you can post event details, guest books, and surveys was easy to accomplish as we were able to create a nice lloking website in less than a half hour.

The most attractive part of ClassQuest is that it is free

While there are advanced features that cost more, why not set up a basic site and then upgrade when necessary.

The one drawback to ClassQuest is that the designs offered are not as robust as the ones we found on

Also, you can’t offer chat, or upload your music without having to pay the $90 upgrade fee. Still, the features that are free are great for anyone looking for a free solution.

Here are all the features that we liked:

Classmate Profiles

Classmates can log into the website and create their own profiles very quickly. There is limited customization to this feature but it serves its function.

If you get the premium subscription, then you can provide details of your classmates to ClassQuest and they upload and create initial profiles for you.

Photo Albums

The layout for the photo album was a bit confusing at first as we kept going beyond the page margin. Once we figured out that we had to re-size the photos, we were able to create a nice looking photo album. Again, the page is generic looking but it’s great as a free solution.

One thing we liked is that there is no limit on the number of photos or the photo albums created. This feature is great if you have intentions of maintaining the website past the first reunion. By consistently updating photos of classmates over the years, you can maintain a nice collection and keep people in touch at the same time.

Missing Classmates

You can put up a list of missing classmates very quickly on ClassQuest. Just enter the names and the list will be posted on the missing classmates page on the website. Each name will have a link to where additional information can be entered about classmates that have not been found yet.

Message Boards

This is a basic message board setup so it is not overwhelming to set up. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is simple for you and your classmates to work with.

Surveys and Questionnaires

This feature was impressive as we realized that creating a form was simple and intuitive. Not only did we create a basic registration form, we also had it posted on the website without any trouble.

Class Reunion Tickets offers the ability to offer ticket sales on the website. They charge 6% service fee (3.00 minimum) per transaction. The charge is fairly standard and this is how they make money from the free websites. If you want to avoid the service fee, then upgrade to the premium services and you can get paid via PayPal, check or any method of your choosing.

Added bonus: Registrations are emailed to the class reunion planner in real time so you will always know how many are coming.

Also, there is a way to set up automated early bird specials on the class reunion website. We liked this feature a lot too. Early bird registrations are a great way to get some money into the class reunion coffers quickly. Offer a 10-15% discount and watch the registrations kick in.

Additional Pages

Creating additional pages is very simple. The best part is that there are no limits on the number of pages, storage, or information that you can upload to the website.

Some pages that you can create are Event Details, Activities, Entertainment ideas, Stories and Guest Books.

Customized RSVP and Order Tracking

ClassQuest offers the ability to take payments, track orders, and RSVP’s as well. With their automated system, keeping track of who is coming is a cinch. You won’t be needing that manual list anymore.

Also, you can sell class reunion merchandise right through the website. Setting up is easy and the payments are integrated with the rest of the website.

Name Tags and Birthday Module

Want an easy way to print name tags? ClassQuest offers the ability to create name tags from the class list that has been gathered on the website. The tags can be customized to show old high school photos along with additional information of your choosing.

Chat (Premium only)

Provide live chats so people can ask questions, post opinions, and tell old high school or college stories. Having this feature encourages participation and increases the likelihood of more people opening up and joining the message boards too.

There are some drawbacks…

ClassQuest has one major drawback. The website templates are not the most beautiful and the choices are limited. Also, the headers are hard to customize so many classes end up using the not so pretty standard header. If design is a big concern, then consider getting a free trial to They offer some great designs for about $15/month.

Despite its design restrictions, ClassQuest offers much more than what we imagined a free product would. Their website is easy to use once you get used to it and offers a product that serves its purpose. They get an overall grade of a ‘B’

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