How To Create A Class Reunion Memory Book Online

Photo Books For Class ReunionMemory books are the true souvenirs of a reunion. They are also known as photo books or programs.

They can be distributed at the reunion or sent out post-reunion, and may be hardcover, soft cover or on DVD.

Creating one takes time, persistence and the ability to gather information every time you make contact with a classmate.

Here are the steps to creating a great class reunion memory that everyone will cherish.

Step 1: Send Out A Memory Book Questionnaire

Before you get started with the memory book itself, you are going to need information about your classmates. Much of what you need is already in the class reunion memory book questionnaire that we recommend you email when someone registers for the class reunion.

Along with the questionnaire, have classmates email you their current pictures, family photos, and old photographs from when they were in school. Group pictures from a high school or college dance are ideal. Having pictures and content (questionnaire) in hand, you are ready to move to step two.

Step 2: Select An Online Memory Book Builder

There are many online stores where you can create a memory book. Mixbook,, Shutterfly, Snapfish,, and are just a few of the printers out there for you to choose from.

You can easily create professional looking memory books for your class reunion and then personalize them with content and design features. If you need help selecting a company, read “Class Reunion Memory Book Creator Reviews

Step 3: Decide On The Specifics

Deciding on the memory book builder is only half the battle. There are many other details that need to be ironed out before you can print out your memory book.

  • You have to decide the following:
  • Will the memory book be hard cover or soft cover
  • Would you like it to be color or black and white
  • What kind of layout would you like? Here is a sample class reunion memory book template.
  • What kind of content do you want in the memory book? Poems, letters, ads? Read tips below.
  • Do the questions in the memory book questionnaire provide you enough information for the memory book.
  • How long a memory book should you create?
  • How much should the memory book cost? Is there a target price?
  • Will the class reunion buy these ahead of time for everyone or do classmates buy on their own?
  • Should the memory book be included in the price of the class reunion registration?
  • Should the memory books be delivered after the reunion so you can incorporate photos from the reunion itself? (recommended)

Once you know the answers to the above questions, start playing around with different layouts to see how the photos look.

Step 4: Decide On The Layout

With today’s technology, it is easy to just jump in and start creating. Here are some tips on memory book formats used by other class reunions.

  • Most class reunions start the memory book off with a letter thanking the attendees for coming along with a thank you to all the volunteers for making the event as successful as it was.
  • A recap of the class reunion is then presented in the form of photos along with funny captions. Feel free to include as many group photos as you can. Make sure to add funny captions to each.
  • A class directory with a “then and now” picture section. Add some details about their families, accomplishments, favorite band at the time of graduation etc.
  • Information and pictures of popular teachers – Maybe even a short note from the teacher/professor to the class statistics page of how many people live in what state, how many own their own businesses, how many are married, how many have more than three kids etc. Most of the statistics are based on the answers you received in the class reunion questionnaire.
  • Most yearbooks have a “Most Likely To Succeed/become an actor etc.” section. Why not bring the class up to date on how things really turned out for them. Did the person most likely to eat a whole pumpkin pie turn out to be a supermodel?
  • If you did specific activities like Golf or Bowling or a BBQ at the class reunion, then give each one its own set of pictures along with funny captions.
  • In memory of section for classmates that passed away.

Step 5: Review

Once you have selected all the layouts, pictures, and captions, review for any spelling errors or mismatched photos. If there are pictures that you need to brighten or sharpen, use an online photo editing software like (It’s free). You can also order a sample copy to see what the real book looks like before announcing to classmates that they are ready.

Creating a class reunion memory book is even simple once you have everything organized. Most online Memory Book Builders have made the process almost dummy proof with templates that are easy to use and designs that are just spectacular.

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