How To Create An Awesome Class Reunion Registration Form

Registration desk signIn order to increase attendance at a class reunion, you have to remove all the obstacles preventing your classmates from coming.

One such hindrance is a long drawn out registration form. Many people look at this kind of form, and close it just as fast.

We live in a digital world and people do not expect to fill out long forms that ask for information that they may not be willing to part with.

Registration forms should be simple and no more than one page long. Classmates should be able to register quickly without having to wade through tons of details about their family, their history, or any other details.

Here are some key points to remember when you’re creating your registration form.

Keep The Form Simple

The form should be simple and easy to fill out. If the form takes longer than five to ten minutes to fill out, then it’s too long. Here is a sample class reunion registration form that we have had good success with.

Send The Questionnaire Later

Most reunion planners make the mistake of including the class reunion questionnaire (also known as Memory Book Questionnaire) as part of the registration. Don’t make this mistake as many of your classmates will see a long form that they don’t have the time to fill out. Once they have registered for the class reunion, send a welcome email and encourage them to fill out a questionnaire about themselves.

Since they have already registered, filling out additional details does not seem bothersome anymore. They have already made the commitment and the questionnaire simply becomes a part of going to the reunion.

Communicate Electronically

In order to conserve costs, try to send out all communications via email initially. Class reunion registration can be done on the class reunion website so why not send an email with a link to the registration page. In the email, promise that the registering for the class reunion won’t take more than five minutes.

If you do not have the ability to provide class reunion registration forms online, then send the form via email so classmates can print and mail back. This is still cheaper than having to mail out four to five hundred pieces of mail all at once.

Payment Options

Most class reunions don’t take credit card payments. They prefer checks over having to pay the 3-4% fee that the credit card processor charges. However, this line of thinking can limit attendance.

Your job, as a class reunion planner is to increase attendance at the class reunion. One way to do that is by making things easier on classmates. Most people nowadays prefer to pay by credit/debit card. Not only do they have a record of what was spend, they also get points/miles etc.

Plus, paying with a credit card while registering for the reunion provides instant cash instead of waiting for a check to arrive. Classmates prefer to get it over with all at once, rather than having to print out a registration form, and mail a separate check.

By only accepting checks, you are limiting your attendance and revenue. Give up the 3-4% and you’ll be happier for it.

Hotel and Activities Information Should Be On The Registration

Make sure to include information about how to reserve a room at the hotel. You should include the group room rate, reservation telephone number, group code (if any), address, and telephone number of the hotel. Learn more by reading “How To Book Hotel Rooms For A Class Reunion

Let attendees know that the room rates are discounted and are guaranteed till the cut-off date. Beyond this date, rates will be much higher and the hotel may be sold out.

You should also have a list of activities that you have finalized in the registration packet as well. If you are providing a la carte registration for each activity, then list them individually with a place for them to indicate the ones they would like to sign up for.

One Additional Tip

Give People An Opportunity To Pay An Early Commitment Special

Have a lower price for early bird registration in the form. Doing so will provide you with some cash flow to continue funding the class reunion without having to dip into your own pockets. One thing we did successfully is that we told everyone that there are only 30 early bird tickets available. This encouraged many to register early in order to receive the special discount.

Follow the rules above and your registration form will be easy to create and even easier for your attendees to complete. Keeping things simple is one very powerful way to get more people to register for the class reunion.

If you need it, here is a link to the class reunion registration form.

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