Memory Books Make The Best Class Reunion Gift

Memory Books For Class ReunionMany class reunions make the mistake of handing out little trinkets to jazz up their class reunions.

They hand out pens, class mugs, photo frames, and key chains themed after the reunion.

The problem with these trinkets is that they are lost in less than a month.

True Keepsakes

Memory books, on the other hand, can be true keepsakes.

Just as the memory of the class reunion fades, the memory books will begin to arrive by mail. Going through these books will bring back memories of a fun filled weekend that rekindled many friendships at the class reunion.

Over the ensuing years, many of your classmates will use these books as cherished keepsakes reminding them of the great time they had.

But you can’t just slap together some photos and call it a memory book, can you?

No sir, you can’t. A lot of thought has to go into making a class reunion memory book. Here are some articles we have written to help you create a memory book that will be cherished for years to come

How To Create A Class Reunion Memory Book Online
Step by step instructions in creating a class reunion memory book online. These photo books serve as great souvenirs at the class reunion. Plus read about our recommendations of the best class reunion memory book builders. Read more

Class Reunion Memory Book Creator Reviews
What companies offer the best online memory book builders for a class reunion? Read our reviews on the best class reunion memory book companies and build your own. Read more

Memory Book Questionnaire
In order to create a great class reunion memory book, you are going to need personal information from classmates. Use a memory book questionnaire to get this information. Here are questions to ask along with a sample survey. Read more

Download Class Reunion Memory Book Template
Download this free template to help you visualize a layout for your class reunion memory book. Click here to download

Tips On Creating A Memory Book

When creating a memory book, make sure you include a cover letter to start the book. The letter should thank everyone for attending, and recognize the volunteers that made it all happen.

When adding captions, use various colors and fonts to create a professional image. The captions can be facts or funny things you know about the person. Most of the information about classmates can be found in the class reunion questionnaire.

Make sure to take a lot of group photos at the class reunion. These come in handy when you are creating the memory book collages. Here is a sample class reunion memory book layout that you can use when designing your own.

Ask for photos from classmates that could not make it to the class reunion. Use these to create a section titled “People we missed”. Doing so may encourage them to attend the next one!

A memory book takes a long time to create but serves as the best souvenir for your classmates. All the time and effort that will go into creating one will be well worth it.

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