What Are The Responsibilities Of The Communications Committee?

Class Reunion Reminders Should Be Sent By The Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for making sure that all classmates are up to date on the latest news about the class reunion. They also have to create forms, invites, and other materials. Here is a list of their responsibilities.

The communications committee serves as the connection between your classmates and the class reunion planning committee.

They are responsible for producing and sending out materials that transfer information about the reunion to classmates.

In addition, they also have to produce polls and surveys so the class reunion can be planned with the opinions of its attendees.

Listed below are the responsibilities, forms, and surveys that will be needed to successfully organize the class reunion.

But before you start to communicate, decide on the method of communication. Will the class reunion committee use regular mail, email or a combination of both?

Email, Mail, Or Both?

Though the world is going mostly digital, many class reunions still use a combination of email, class reunion website, and physical mail.

While many are hesitant to communicating via email and website, it is the most cost effective and time saving solution.

Plus, as many eventually realize, most classmates prefer using email over regular mail for information related to the reunion.

The solutions we provide below are mostly designed with email and website in mind but can be applied to paper based communications as well.

So What Are The Class Reunion Committee Responsibilities?

Create Class Reunion Website

The communications committee should oversee the class reunion website. We would recommend at least 2-3 people should be fully responsible for the website as it can be very time consuming if you try to do it alone.

Creating and maintaining a class reunion website used to be a big hassle as you had to know how to program and design code. Not anymore. It’s simple to create beautiful websites in less than an hour of work. Just read our Class Reunion Website Builder Reviews to see which companies provide the easiest and best websites.

A class reunion website is essential to any class reunion. Instead of creating mailer, licking envelopes, and going to the post office, just post all the information on your website, and send out a mass email with a link to the information.

Having a website will also allow you to get peoples opinion on various topics like food, budget, group hotel choices, and activity preferences. All you have to do is post a poll on the website and ask people to fill it out.

Another great reason to have a website is so you can have online class reunion registration rather than a paper based one. Classmates can register for and pay for the class reunion right on the website with their credit cards. And you won’t have to listen to comments like “The checks in the mail” anymore.

Send Out Class Reunion Invitations, Registration Etc.

From the moment that the class reunion planning committee has decided on a date and location, the communications committee has to spring into action by creating and sending out information to keep everyone updated and organized.

But before you go about creating a bunch of new save the date cards , Registration forms, or Class Reunion Invitations, know that many alumni offices provide these for free. Many will create and send out these forms and postcards at their own expense so make sure that you take advantage of it. They have lots of templates that they have used in past reunions so all you have to do select one and they can take of the rest.

If the alumni office does not offer the above mentioned services, then you will have to create your own. Here is a list of Free Class Reunion Resources and sample downloads that you can use to create your own class reunion initiations, registration forms, save the date cards, questionnaires and more.

Create Save The Date Card

From the moment you decide on the date and location of the class reunion, it is time to send out a “Save the date” card. You can send out an email (cheaper) or send out a physical invitation postcard. Regardless of which you choose to send, here is some sample wording you can use in the mailer.

Ideally, you should have the date and location set at least 12-18 ahead of time. Sending out a Save The Date card at the time will give your future attendees ample time to plan and budget for it.

The purpose of the save the date card is introduce the event and establish the date and location. It should convey fun by being bold with large letters, lots of balloons or celebratory designs to convey fun. This is why you need a good graphics guy on your reunion planning committee (Try using Evite.com for Save The Date e-cards. Its free and there are lots of designs that you can choose from)

Here are some sample Save The Date Cards.

Design the save the date card so that people can RSVP online via email or through the class reunion website. Doing this familiarizes classmates with the website, the content and message boards.

Set Up Registration Forms

The communications committee needs to create registration forms so people can sign up for the class reunion. These can be created online (via your class reunion website) or send as an attachment via email.

Registration forms should be simple and no more than one page long. Many class reunions recommend that you try to get as much information as possible but we believe that they should be able to do it quickly.

Making people fill out long forms asking for details about their family, their history just discourages people and makes them put it off for a later date.

Keep it short and ask the rest of the questions in a future email. Read “How To Create An Awesome Class Reunion Registration Form

Send Invitation Letters

Creating an invitation letter is not that difficult. Make sure it has the following information:

  • Times and places of events planned
  • Activities
  • Hotel details along with information on how to reserve a room from the room block
  • Menu with dietary restriction check box and write-in space
  • Request support of class gift
  • Send Missing Classmates Reminders

Produce Class Reunion Agenda

The communications committee is responsible for creating the final class reunion agenda. This should be posted on the class reunion website, in the registration forms, and sent in a separate email just so everyone has a copy. Make sure to create a copy in PDF so it is easy for everyone to download.

Create Class Reunion Questionnaire

The more you know about your classmates, the better your planning will be. The communications committee should send out a questionnaire to every person that registers regarding their work life, family life, and any personal accomplishments that they are proud of. In addition they should gather as many pictures and videos that they can for the slideshow presentation.

To design your own, download out free Class Reunion Questionnaire template.

Additional Emails/Mailings:

  • Reminder Email – Send a reminder one month before the class reunion to those that have not committed yet. Also, ask those that have committed to make sure they have sent in photographs and/or memorabilia.
  • Post Reunion Thank You Note – Include final class reunion attendance numbers, budget information and the final class reunion gift information.
  • Post Reunion Survey – Make sure to send out a Post Class Reunion Survey that people can fill out and send back. If you want a better response rate, post the survey on the class reunion website. The trick is to keep it short with only multiple choice questions. Feedback from alumni about their reunion experiences is extremely helpful in planning future class reunions

Improving your communications with classmates is a single best method to increasing attendance at the class reunion. Make sure the committee that is responsible is well-organized and passionate about getting as much information to as many people as possible in a timely fashion. Doing so will encourage even those classmates that have never previously attended.

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