Advantages of a Destination Wedding at an All Inclusive Resort

Cancun Riu BalconyPlanning a destination wedding on your own?

An all inclusive resort is the absolute best way to plan a wedding due to it’s significant advantages over a traditionally planned wedding.

Listed below are the most important reasons to book your destination wedding at an all inclusive resort.

All-inclusive means savings all around

Most all inclusive resorts have wedding packages that include just about everything you will need to get married. Most of these packages include flowers, a basic photo package, a reception and ceremony location, cake, and food for the event.

Buying each of these separately would end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more, depending on your needs and the number of guests attending your event.

Going with a package does not mean that you will have to sacrifice on quality either. Most all inclusive resorts offer an assortment of wedding packages that range from simple and inexpensive (staring price of $700) to extremely elaborate ($20,000+). Plus, you can customize many wedding packages to suit your needs.

When booking a wedding package, it is often cheaper to stay there for the honeymoon as well. In many cases, if you stay at the resort for a week or so, they include a free ceremony.

Simple to book

What would you rather do in the months before your wedding?

  • Choice A: Spend countless hours on the phone with dozens of vendors (Florists, baker, photographer, transportation, hotel sales person, officiant etc.)
  • Choice B: Book a wedding package at an all inclusive report and have all of the above taken care of for you at no extra cost.

The time before you wedding is precious and should be spent with family and friends. Rather than fret over every detail and take on additional stress, you’re better off keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

Free wedding planner

Going with a wedding planner of your own will result in the ultimate wedding completely catered to your needs. However, a wedding planner can be quite expensive. Luckily, all inclusive resorts provide a wedding planner as part of every package they sell. They are available to help you get organized and to make sure your wedding day goes exactly as you planned.

Choices galore

It used to be that all inclusive resorts were few and far between. So if you were looking to book a wedding package, there were few choices in resorts, and even fewer wedding packages. That all has changed in the past 10 years. New all inclusive resorts are popping up all over the world due to the global increase in destination weddings. From Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to the Sandals resort in Jamaica, you won’t be short on choices. Click here to see a list of all inclusive resorts that offer wedding packages.

All inclusive everything

The all inclusive portion of the resort includes food, drinks, lodging, activities and even entertainment. You won’t have to worry about feeding people or keeping them entertained and your guests won’t have to worry about carrying their wallets around since everything is paid for already.

Budget once and done

What is the number one complaint most couples have after their wedding? That they came home to a huge credit card bill because the wedding and the honeymoon cost way more than they were expecting.

How can you ensure that you stay within budget?

Booking an all inclusive resort for your wedding is the easiest way to ensure that you come home to no wallet busting credit card bills. Since everything at the resort is prepaid, you will already have everything budgeted well ahead of time. In fact, many couples are able to pay off their entire wedding even before they get there.

The spectacular views

All inclusive resorts are located in some of the most beautiful places so you are sure to enjoy the spectacular backdrop at your wedding. While the traditional destination wedding involves a beach on an island, that does not have to be the case. If you enjoy the outdoors, then book an all inclusive resort in Alaska. No matter what the backdrop, there is an all inclusive resort out there to suit your needs.

Cashless travel

Your wedding guests will appreciate not having to think about money. Since everything is pre-paid (Even the tips are included) at an all inclusive resort, your guests can have as much fun or relaxation without worrying about having to constantly dip into their wallets. In fact, most guests that stay at an all inclusive resort consider the cashless travel to be a significant advantage.

An all inclusive resort fits the bill for most wedding couples. Not only do they get married at the location of their dreams, it is cheaper and hassle free too.

What to read next?

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