Basseterre: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

Nevis BeachBasseterre is located on the island of Saint Kitts and is the capital of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

It’s one of the oldest towns in the Eastern Caribbean and surrounds a two mile bay on the southwestern shore of the island.

Although it’s a small town, there is so many famous attractions and popular places located here.

Basseterre has a lot of churches, so if you’re looking to have a religious ceremony in St. Kitts this is a great location for your destination wedding.

If you’re interested in having a romantic ceremony on a beautiful beach then Basseterre has those too!

Your wedding guests will love everything there is to do in this town. During their free time they’ll want to explore the area and enjoy some of the fun activities. They may even want to check out other parts of the island. To help them out, provide them with a list of the best things to do and places to see!

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

One of the best parts about Caribbean islands is the water right off the shore. There is so much to explore in the ocean and these islands have some of the greatest conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. Basseterre wedding groups will definitely enjoy this activity!

One of the most popular dive companies in this town is Pro Divers, Inc. There are over 25 different dive sites in the waters of St. Kitts and this company knows all the best spots. They also offer dive courses for beginners. Additionally, you can choose to do a half day snorkeling adventure instead!

Another great dive company is Dive St. Kitts. They will match or beat any price on St. Kitts which guarantees you the most affordable dive! Choose from wreck dives or reef dives to explore in the warm waters. The operators are friendly and helpful and you’ll feel safe during your time with them.

Best Beach

The best and most popular beach in the town is Cockleshell Beach. Basseterre wedding groups that want to relax in the sun during their time on the island will love coming here. It’s a secluded spot with a nearby restaurant.

Although it’s not ideal for snorkeling, it’s a nice place for a dip in the water. The white sandy beach is lined with palm trees which provides a wonderful atmosphere. It also has great views of Nevis. Bring a towel, a book and some snacks for a fun day with the group!


For nature lovers there is much to explore in Basseterre and Saint Kitts. Your wedding guests will want to check out Palms Court Gardens and if they’re interested in taking a nature tour then Greg’s Safaris.

Palms Court Gardens is 1 acre of gorgeous grounds where you’ll find exotic plants, fountains, statues and more. There is also a saltwater swimming pool where you can see views of Nevis and yachts. Enjoy a refreshing drink from the pool bar after your walk through the gardens!

Greg’s Safaris is a nature tour that Basseterre wedding groups won’t want to miss. See the mountains, volcanoes, forests, sugar plantations, wildlife and more. Learn about the flora and fauna and explore everything the island of St. Kitts has to offer!

There are four different tours to choose from. Three of them are half day tours that last about 4 hours and one of them is a 7-9 hour tour. They are also divided up into no hiking involved, moderate hiking involved and strenuous hiking. This allows you to really pick the tour that is best for the group!

On the tour with no hiking you’ll ride on a 4×4 and explore the sugar cane cultivation on the island and enjoy a picnic with locally made rum. On the strenuous hiking tour you’ll hike to the volcano crater rim at Mt. Liamuiga and take in the amazing scenery. Having a guide with you on the island will really enhance your experience!

Historical Sites

For basseterre wedding groups that want to do some sightseeing and check out the historical sites, there are a few places you should recommend them to go to. Clay Villa Plantation House & Gardens, Independence Square and St. George’s Anglican Church are the most popular.

Clay Villa Plantation is a 10 acre historic property where you can tour the gardens, the original Overseer’s House and the family museum. Independence Square used to be a place where slave auctions and council meetings were held and is located next to St. George’s Anglican Church. This church was first built in 1670 then rebuilt due to earthquakes and has wonderful architecture.

There is so much to see and do in Basseterre and there is something for everyones interests. Wedding guests can divide up into groups in order of who wants to do what. During their free time they will continue to make memories of their trip and have a fun time! This is another reason why Saint Kitts and Nevis are great locations for a destination wedding.

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