Beach Wedding in Barbuda and Antigua: What You Need To Know

Antigua BeachAntigua and Barbuda is a two island nation located in the Eastern Caribbean.

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands. They speak English there, which makes it more convenient to plan a beach wedding if you’re from the U.S. because you can easily communicate with the vendors!

To get to the island of Barbuda from Antigua, you can take a 20 minute flight or a 3 hour boat ride. Barbuda is less developed, however, it’s not any less beautiful.

Both islands are a gorgeous setting for your beach wedding!

Why Get Married In Antigua And Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda is the definition of paradise. White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water is all you see when you first arrive. It’s a very romantic destination and you can’t feel any more relaxed after stepping foot on either island!

The unbelievable coral reefs are one of their main attractions, providing great snorkeling and scuba diving for your wedding guests.

What to Know:

  • Temperatures on these islands are usually mid-70s and mid-80s all year round. They are considered the sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean Islands because they don’t get much rainfall. There’s also always a nice breeze, resulting in low humidity. Weather conditions don’t get any better than that for a beach wedding!
  • St. John’s is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda and is their largest city. This is a great place for shopping and dining for your wedding guests!
  • It’s extremely easy to get married in Antigua and Barbuda. Now, even cruise visitors can get married there!

What are Antigua And Barbuda Known for?

Antigua and Barbuda are most well known for their beaches. If you’re looking for a destination for your beach wedding that’s tropical and gorgeous, yet secluded and quiet, then Antigua and Barbuda is a great place for you.

Unlike some locations in the Caribbean, it’s not a place that young college students head to for spring break. It’s completely relaxing and less touristy than some of the other islands. If a romantic setting in paradise is what you want, have a beach wedding in Antigua and Barbuda!

What is the Best Time to Get Married in Antigua and Barbuda?

Along with the rest of the Caribbean, hurricane season in Antigua and Barbuda is June – November. However, this is also when flights and hotel rates are the most affordable. Normally it wouldn’t be suggested to plan your destination wedding during hurricane season, however, since Antigua and Barbuda don’t get much rain, it’s an option for you to consider.

Planning your beach wedding in Antigua and Barbuda during hurricane season will also allow you to avoid peak tourist season, which is December – February. If there was one month that would be considered the best time to get married in Antigua and Barbuda it would probably be May. This is because it’s when rates begin to drop since it’s getting close to hurricane season, but you still would have a month before the season truly starts!

From the end of April to early March it’s also Antigua Sailing Week! This is a very popular event and would be a great activity for your wedding guests to witness. Antigua and Barbuda is a magical place and there really isn’t a bad time to plan your beach wedding there.

No matter what time of year you choose, make sure to give your wedding guests plenty of notice so they can save up for the trip. If it’s important to you that a lot of guests are able to come, pick a more affordable time of year. If you just want it to be you, your fiance and a few close family members, pick what works best for you!

Marriage Requirements in Antigua and Barbuda

The Caribbean is a fairly easy place to have a destination wedding because there aren’t many legal marriage requirements. It’s no different in Antigua and Barbuda and it’s probably one of the easiest locations!

There are really only three steps in order to receive a marriage license in Antigua and Barbuda. Visit the Ministry of Justice in St. John’s with your valid passports, complete the application and pay applicable fees. There is no waiting time to obtain a special marriage license. For the complete list of everything you need read this. (link to marriage requirements article)

What to do next? Read more about planning a destination wedding here. (what does this link to?)

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