Beach Wedding in Belize: What You Need To Know

belize-beach-weddingBelize is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

The country borders Mexico and Guatemala and is considered part of the Caribbean.

It’s a great choice for a destination wedding because of its unique location and everything it has to offer!

Why Get Married In Belize?

Belize is a country where you can explore rainforests, dive into the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and visit historic Mayan temples. Being able to experience so many different things all in one place is truly magical.

Belize is only a 2 hour flight from the U.S., which makes it a convenient destination for you and your wedding guests. Even though it isn’t as far as most Caribbean places, you’ll immediately feel like you’re in paradise when you arrive in this tropical location.

What to Know:

  • Belize has an average temperature of 79 degrees. In the summer it can reach 96 degrees, however, the winds from the Caribbean Sea provide a wonderful breeze. The warm weather and breeze make for the perfect conditions for a beach wedding in Belize!
  • Since Belize is part of the Caribbean, you do have to beware of hurricane season when you’re planning your wedding, which is from June – November. Belize has had its share of tropical storms.
  • Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America! This makes planning your destination wedding here much more convenient. You can communicate easier with your wedding vendors.

What is it Known For?

Belize is most known for its climate, large Barrier Reef, rainforests and Mayan history. It’s one of the best places in the world for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing! The country also has the largest cave system in Central America.

More than half of Belize is covered by rainforest. Being able to explore the tropical jungle is something that attracts many tourists! It’s a great location for hiking and something your wedding guests will definitely enjoy.

Although Belize is a small country, it has so much to do and see! Opportunities are endless and you’ll find that your trip won’t be long enough to see it all. Their friendly people are also a breath of fresh air. You and your guests will immediately feel welcome which can sometimes be rare when you’re visiting a different country.

What is the Best Time to Get Married in Belize?

Belize is a tropical location that has rainy and dry season. If you’re planning a beach wedding in Belize, weather is most likely a strong factor for you. It’s best to get married in this country during dry season, which is from December – May.

The downfall of getting married during dry season in Belize is that it’s also a peak time for tourists. This means that it will be more crowded and flights, resorts and wedding vendors will most likely be more expensive.

Hurricane season and rainy season in Belize is from June – November. Although there is a risk of a tropical storm, it’s also less busy and a more affordable time of year to visit the country. If you’re having a beach wedding or outdoor ceremony/reception, it’s not recommended to get married during these months.

If you have a smaller budget or if your ceremony/reception will be inside, then you may be comfortable planning your wedding during rainy season. However, you have to be prepared for flights being cancelled or delayed due to a possible storm. It all depends on what you and your fiance want to do.

The most popular month to get married in the Caribbean is May because it’s at the end of peak tourist season and it’s right before hurricane season. Since May is a popular time, you’ll want to plan your wedding as far in advance as possible if you choose that month. Also, give your guests notice so they can save!

What are the Marriage Requirements in Belize?

You and your fiance must be in Belize for 3 days before applying for a marriage license. In order to receive your license you’ll need to show both of your passports or birth certificates. If either of you have been divorced or widowed, you’ll also need to show a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.

You apply for your marriage license at the Registrar General’s office in Belize City or at the Solicitor General’s office in Belmopan City and the fee will be around $100. For the complete list of marriage requirements click here.

One great thing about getting married in Belize is that you can get married anywhere in the country. This means you can have that beach wedding you’ve always dreamed about, tie the knot in the beautiful rainforest, or get married on top of an ancient temple.

What to do next? Read more about planning a destination wedding here.

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