Beach Wedding In Grenada: What You Need To Know

Beach-GrenadaGrenada is a country located in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea.

It consists of three main islands, Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique.

This Caribbean island is a wonderful choice for your destination beach wedding because it looks and feels like a paradise.

Why Get Married In Grenada?

Not only is Grenada gorgeous and have nice beaches, but it also has plenty for you and your guests to do. Some of the most popular activities are hiking, diving, sailing and other water sports.

Grenada is very mountainous which provides opportunities for breathtaking views. The island is divided up into 6 parishes, so choose which parish is the best location for you and your fiance’s beach wedding!

What to Know:

  • Since the island is on the southern edge of the hurricane belt, it doesn’t get hit by many hurricanes or tropical storms. Even during rainy season, which is from June to December, it rarely rains for more than an hour. You don’t have to worry much about weather if you’re having a Grenada beach wedding!
  • If you’re interested in having an eco friendly wedding or stay, there are multiple eco friendly guest houses located in the Saint David and Saint John parishes.
  • The most popular parish for tourists is the capital, Saint George’s, which is located in the Southwest region of the island. Here you’ll find one of the top beaches in the world, Grand Anse Beach.
  • Their official language is English and their currency is the East Caribbean dollar. If you speak English as well, this makes the planning process a lot easier because you can communicate with your vendors better.

What is it Known for?

Grenada is known for having great weather all year round. The average temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees. You also always have a nice breeze which makes for perfect sunbathing weather! The island is also known for its spices, which is their largest export and gives them the nickname “The Spice Island”.

Additionally, Grenada is known for its European influences. Although you are on a Caribbean island, you will still see European architecture and culture due to being formally colonized by the French and then the British. The atmosphere is unique and it makes Grenada even more special!

What is the Best Time to get Married in Grenada?

Since Grenada is nice all year round, you can pretty much choose any month to get married on the island. However, there are some things to consider that may make your decision easier.

The lowest temperatures in Grenada are from November to February and rainy season is from June to December. If you’re planning a Grenada beach wedding then it’s best to go when it’s the warmest and driest.

To avoid the rain and get the hottest weather, the best months to get married in Grenada are between March and May. However, this is also high tourist season. This means there will be more crowds and higher prices.

Some restaurants and shops close during slow season, so high season really is the best time to visit the island if you want to have things to do and many places to eat at. If there had to be one month that was the best it would be May because this is when tourist season starts to die down yet the weather is still wonderful.

Whichever month or day you choose to get married in Grenada, make sure you give your guests notice so they can save up for the trip! When sending out the invitation or save the date you can supply them with flight information and hotels to stay at on the island.

What are the Marriage Requirements in Grenada?

When planning a destination wedding it’s important to know what all the marriage requirements are. Grenada law states that the couple needs to be on the island for a minimum of three days before applying for a Grenada marriage license.

After the three days, you can apply for the license at the Office of the Prime Minister located in the Botanical Gardens at St. George’s. A few necessary fees need to be paid and then the application process usually takes about another two days.

The documents that are required for a Grenada marriage license are the bride and groom’s valid passports, birth certificates, sworn affidavit stating that neither party has been married before and legal proof if a name was changed by Deed Poll. For the complete list of marriage requirements in the Dominican Republic click here.

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