Beach Wedding In Martinique: What You Need To Know

martinique-beachMartinique is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean and is an overseas region of France.

It has a mountainous landscape that is full of forests, hills, rivers, coves and waterfalls.

There is so much beauty to explore here and that’s why it’s a great location for a destination beach wedding!

Why Get Married In Martinique?

Martinique is a Caribbean island with European influences which makes it a unique and special place. The average temperature is a perfect 79 degrees with a nice steady breeze. It has 4 volcanoes and mountains which makes it a great place for hiking and amazing views.

The volcanic ash of famous Mount Pelee has made grey and black sand beaches in the North. You’ll also find beautiful white sandy beaches in the South. There is so much diversity all on this one island which is what attracts many tourists all year round.

What to Know

  • The official language in Martinique is French, however, most people speak Creole. If you are planning a destination wedding it’s important to find someone on the island that speaks the same language as you so all of your wants and needs are clear.
  • Their currency is the Euro. When traveling to another destination it’s important to exchange some money before your flight. This way right when you land you have the right currency.
  • All the towns on the island can be reached by taxi or bus. This affordable public transportation is convenient for you and your wedding guests and makes it so you aren’t confined to one part of the island.
  • Different parts of the island have different things to offer! If you want a Martinique beach wedding then the south is probably the best place for you. Sainte-Anne has some of the best beaches on the island. If you’re looking for a city with more history than Fort-de-France might be a better option for your wedding.

What is it Known For?

Along with its beautiful beaches and unique landscape, Martinique is known for its culture. The history, architecture and museums are definitely enjoyable to explore with a tour guide. Additionally, the island is known for its rum. There are many distilleries that you and your wedding guests can visit and sample their product!

What is the Best Time to Get Married in Martinique?

If you’re planning a Martinique beach wedding you probably want to get the best deal possible, avoid the crowds but also have amazing weather. The best chance for all of these things is planning your wedding for May or early June.

Peak tourist season on this island is December – April. This is because many people in the U.S. and Europe want to travel for the holidays or get out of the snow and cold temperatures for a while. It’s also because of the island’s Carnival season which is popular. Carnival lasts from lent to Easter.

During the month of May and early June it’s less crowded yet you still have great weather of around 80 degrees. Since it’s a less popular time to visit the island, you will find more affordable flights and accommodations! You also have a better chance of getting your first choices when it comes to all wedding vendors and venues.

Early June is right before hurricane season officially starts. So you are still avoiding the rainy months and risks of tropical storms. During the summer many hotels and resorts actually shut down for renovations and to prepare for peak season again. So you want to avoid the months of July and August if possible!


If May or June doesn’t work for you then another good time to get married on the island is the end of November. This is right at the end of hurricane season and still before tourist season starts really picking up again.

Whichever month that works best for you and your fiance is the month you should choose. However, weddings can be expensive and if you’re traveling all the way to this island for a Martinique beach wedding then these are factors you should strongly consider!

What are the Marriage Requirements in Martinique?

Before hopping on a plane and heading to Martinique to tie the knot make sure you are aware of all their marriage requirements! Unlike many other Caribbean islands, there is a long waiting period and residency requirement. Either the bride or groom needs to live in Martinique for 30 days before their wedding day.

This can be a very discouraging French law because most people aren’t able to be away from home for an entire month. To avoid having to do this many couples choose to have their formal marriage ceremony back home and then travel to Martinique for a marriage celebration or reception.

Along with this residency requirement, the bride and groom will need a blood test and their medical certificate needs to be issued within 3 months of the wedding day. This is another discouraging marriage law. For the complete list of marriage requirements in Martinique click here.

What to do next? Read more about planning a destination wedding here.

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