Dominica: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

dominica-swimmingDominica is a Caribbean island that is known for its natural beauty.

Your guests will love exploring everything this destination has to offer! It’s nice to provide guests will a list of recommended things to do and places to see since nobody will know the area.

This allows them to pick and choose what they want to do during their free time.

It often rains in Dominica, even when it isn’t their “rainy season”. Therefore, it’s even more important for guests to be given different options. If it’s raining hard out they may need some ideas for indoor activities. When the sun does come out, they will want to know the best way to spend this valuable time.

Even though the main reason your guests are visiting Dominica is because of your wedding, they will most likely turn the trip into a vacation as well. They will enjoy multiple attractions, as there is something to do for everyone. Since Dominica isn’t very touristy compared to most Caribbean islands, you and your guests won’t have to worry about crowds!

Popular Sights to See

One of the most popular sights to see in Dominica is Middleham Falls & Ti Tou Gorge. Wedding guests can enjoy a beautiful hike to the falls, where they’ll find hot springs, cold springs and amazing views. It should definitely be on your “to-do” list! For those that aren’t strong swimmers, consider getting a guide.

Another gorgeous location on the island is Papillote Tropical Gardens, which is very peaceful and serene. Dominica wedding groups should bring their cameras! There are multiple types of flowers, plants and birds. There are also hot mineral pools you can relax in and a delicious restaurant where you can enjoy a meal while taking in the stunning atmosphere.

Dominica is well known for having the world’s second largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. It’s a difficult hike to get there and takes a few hours, but once you arrive, it will be worth it. The rainforest you walk through and the amazing views from the stop are unlike anything else. Relax in the hot spring because your body will need it after the walk!

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Dominica wedding groups that enjoy nature will want to explore the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is where Middleham Falls and Boiling Lake are located among many other things. Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool Nature Trail and Rain Forest Aerial Tram are a few of the other popular sights in the park.

Trafalgar Falls are two beautiful waterfalls that you can walk and hike around. The forest that surrounds the falls is breathtaking. You can take a swim in the cold springs under the falls or in one of the hot springs.

Emerald Pool Nature Trail is a short and easy hike to a wonderful waterfall. You’re able to take a dip right under the waterfall, which makes for a refreshing swim after your walk in the heat. Dominica makes exercise enjoyable because you are distracted by the beauty of the island!

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram is a scenic ride and a great way to see the island without having to walk. The guides provide Dominica wedding groups with information about the wildlife and they are given the option to zip line on the way back!

Horseback Riding

Another unique way to see the island of Dominica is on a horse. Horseback riding is a fun group activity and very scenic! Rainforest Riding in Portsmouth is a recommended place for this activity.

Rainforest Riding offers tours for all riding abilities, which means even if you’ve never been on a horse before, you will still enjoy your experience! The informative guide will explain everything you pass on your ride. You’re sure to see a variety of native wildlife. You may even be able to try some fresh fruit!

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

For Dominica wedding groups that enjoy water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving are probably on their bucket lists for when they visit the island. The water surrounding this Caribbean island provides the perfect conditions for these water sports.

The best place in Dominica to go snorkeling is said to be Champagne Beach. It almost feels like you’re swimming in a glass of champagne because you will see bubbles rising from the ocean floor. You will also see beautiful coral, different types of fish and other wildlife.

For wedding guests that are interested in scuba diving, they may want to check out Scott’s Head Pinnacles. The abundance of coral and marine life make this a wonderful dive site! One great feature is that you can dive in the Caribbean Sea on one side and dive in the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. The two bodies of water have different things to offer!

There is so much to do and see in Dominica. Wherever you go on the island you will be surrounded by beauty. The waterfalls, springs, rainforests, mountains, beaches and water are what makes this Caribbean island so special and unique. Wedding guests will remember their trip here and your destination wedding forever!

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