Getting Married In Saint Barts: Legal Requirements

Saint-Barts-flagUnfortunately, it’s difficult to get a Saint Barts marriage license.

It’s harder than most of the other Caribbean islands because it’s under French law.

However, the island is so romantic and beautiful that the extra steps can be worth it if you have the time and patience.

For those that have always dreamed of a destination beach wedding in St. Barts but aren’t able to comply with all of the marriage requirements, you can choose to have a civil ceremony in your home country and then the reception or a marriage celebration in St. Barts with your close family and friends.

One of the marriage requirements In St. Barts is that you need to personally bring a complete dossier to the civil registry a month before your wedding date. There are multiple documents that need to be included in this dossier. This is the hardest part because not all couples can travel to the island a month before their wedding.

The dossier needs to include a letter dated and signed by the couple requesting an application, complete copies of birth certificates issued less than 6 months before the wedding, passports, proof of residence, background information about the couple’s parents and the witnesses, a certificate of law issued by the Consulate or Embassy concerning marital status and a Certificate of matrimonial capacity.

Additionally, if either party has been divorced or widowed then a divorce decree or death certificate is required. You may also need a translator present at the ceremony. There is a lot of information that’s needed so it’s best to work with a St. Barts wedding planner to ensure you have everything!

Having a St. Barts beach wedding requires a lot of planning ahead. If you are able to meet all of the marriage requirements then you’ll really enjoy exchanging your vows on this elegant island. Since legal marriage requirements in St. Barts may change over time, you’re advised to check the official government website for exact details. You can find up to date information here!

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