Getting Married In The Bahamas: Legal Requirements

Bahamas Port CanaveralLegal requirements for a destination wedding in the Bahamas are important to know if you’re planning to get married there.

You wouldn’t want to find out after your wedding that it wasn’t actually “official”. Get all of the information before you make the trip!

The legal age for marriage in The Bahamas is 18. If you’re younger, you’ll need parental consent. Two witnesses are also required.

Although you don’t need to live in the Bahamas to get married there, you do need to be a resident for one day in order to be issued a marriage license. The documents you’ll need in order to get this license (which should only take a day to get) are valid passports, birth certificates, your return air tickets, Bahamas immigration card and a declaration that you’re free to marry.

If you’ve been previously married, you’ll also need divorce papers or a death certificate of your previous spouse. If you’re adopted, you’ll need to show your certificate. Lastly, you’ll need proof of name change if applicable. All of these above documents need to be brought to a notary.

Since there aren’t too many legal requirements for a destination wedding in the Bahamas, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the process. However, it’s always best to be prepared in case something takes longer than expected or if you happen to lose something important during the traveling.

Since legal requirements for a destination wedding in the Bahamas do change over time, you’re advised to check the official government website for exact details. You can find this up to date information here.

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