Ideas For Different Types Of Destination Weddings

Hawaii Wedding PhotosDestination weddings have become so popular in the last decade that you can plan one anywhere in the world.

You can get married in a hot air balloon overlooking the mountains in Colorado or host an exotic beach wedding in Thailand.

If you and your fiance are big adventure junkies, then incorporate that into your destination wedding plans. Instead of the beach, get married on a mountain top with great views.

Listed below are nine of the most popular types of destination weddings. Start by selecting a theme and then research a city that can support your destination wedding dreams.

The City Wedding

NYC SkylineDo you feel alive in a big city?

Do you feed off the atmosphere and the frenetic pace that is inherent in a place like Manhattan?

City weddings exude sophistication and are perfect for people that could not envision getting married anywhere else.

Couples that marry in cities like Boston, Las Vegas, Miami, Manhattan and San Francisco prefer having access to some of the best restaurants, wedding venues, and entertainment in the world.

Wedding guests love it because there is never a dull moment along with easy access to airports, and shopping.

Here is a list of destinations for a city wedding.

Vineyard Weddings

"promise that I'll run away with you..."Weddings at vineyards have recently exploded in popularity.

And they are not just popular in California either.

From Bedell Cellars in Cutchogue NY to Calitoga, California, there are hundreds of vineyards ready to serve as your wedding location.

The beautiful colors of the vines and the picturesque sunsets across rolling hills make for an elegant and unique destination wedding experience.

Here is a list of states where you can host a vineyard wedding

European Wedding

Most US residents that plan destination weddings in Europe do it for two reasons. One reason is that they find Europeans cities to be romantic (Prague, Paris).

Another reason is because they want to revisit their heritage. Most couples have never visited the countries that their ancestors are from, and a wedding provides a great excuse to explore your past.

What can you do in Europe? Try a cruise along the French Riviera. Or get married at a palace like Port Hercule in Monaco or any of the thousands of castles that dot the European landscape.

Italy is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to have a destination wedding. You can get married in Verona (Romeo and Juliet), at a grand church in Tuscany, or a castle in Florence.

Regardless of the city you select for a wedding in Europe, you should get a wedding planner to help you plan it. Dealing with vendors, marriage laws, and travel arrangements can be a nightmare if you try to do it alone.

Castle Weddings

Bride at castle HeeswijkHas it always been a dream of yours to get married in a castle?

There are hundreds of gorgeous castles in the US and Europe that can serve as the site of your wedding.

Whether you are inviting 500 or 50 to your destination wedding, there is a castle out there that can fulfill your dreams.

So if you have always envisioned large chandeliers, a grand ballroom, and a beautiful staircase to descend from, then a castle wedding is for you.

Here are some great locations if you want to look into having a castle wedding

Ski Wedding

UntitledIf you and your other half are a bit more on the adventurous side and share a love of the outdoors, then a winter wedding would certainly fit the bill at many resorts across the country.

When you think of horse drawn sleigh rides across fresh snow and a blazing fire pit on snow capped mountains, it’s easy to see why ski weddings are becoming a popular destination wedding option nowadays.

Plus, activities like skiing, snow tubing, or snowboarding come built in.

But remember to book early as most of the popular dates (time between Christmas and New Years ) get booked fast at most resorts.

Here are some great resorts for a ski wedding.

Spots to consider: Aspen or Vail Colorado, Okemo Vermont, Swiss Alps, Park city Utah, Sun Valley Idaho, Whistler British Columbia

Island Wedding

Hawaii Wedding photographyThe tropical beach wedding in the Caribbean and Florida are two of the most popular destination wedding types out there. And we know why.

There are not many settings more romantic than getting married at the beach at sunset with the ocean as your background.

If your idea of a romantic wedding involves getting a great tan, enjoying exotic food, and listening to the sounds of the waves, then a beach wedding in any of the Caribbean islands will do the trick.

From all inclusive resorts to ultra exclusive islands, you can have a wedding that fits every kind of budget. Here are some of the top beach wedding destinations.

Spots to consider: Florida Keys, United States Virgin Islands, Thomas, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bermuda, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, Mexico

Adventure Wedding

If you and your other half share a love of the outdoors and want to share it with your wedding guests, then an adventure wedding should be your canvas. Whitewater rafting, mountain kayaking, bonfires by your tent, and a hike to the summit can all be part of one weekend. And you don’t have to go very far to enjoy one of these either.Here are some great ideas for an adventure wedding.

Some great spots to consider: Costa Rica, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, Mexico

Cruise Wedding

The bride and groomDo you want to maximize the fun and minimize the planning?

Then plan a wedding on a cruise ship.

Not only will you have no menus to plan, your wedding coordinator (free) will take care of all the arrangements (Flowers, photos, chapel, cake etc.) leaving you to rest, relax, and have some fun.

As soon as you are onboard, there is nothing else to do other than spending time with most intimate family and friends.

Plus, this option is cheaper than most land based weddings, making them even more attractive.

Spots to consider: Caribbean, Hawaii, Mediterranean

Specialty: Disney Weddings

Want to be a princess for a day? Book a wedding package at Disney World or Disneyland. Disney hosts over 1000 weddings a year across multiple locations.

In addition to the traditional wedding at the theme parks in Florida, they also offer locations in Hawaii, and on their cruise ships. So if you’re ideal wedding involves being treated like a princess, Disney can make it come true.

With this many choices of weddings and the hundreds of cities to choose from, the kind of wedding you can have is limited only by your budget, vision and time you have to plan it.

What should you do next?

Take a look at some great destination wedding locations.

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