Paradise Island, Bahamas: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

Welcome To Paradise IslandIf you’re going to a destination wedding in Paradise Island, there’s a strong chance it’s being held at The Atlantis, which is a popular resort that almost takes over the entire island.

Paradise Island is located just off the shore of Nassau.

There are countless things to do at The Atlantis, which is where all the excitement is.

You don’t necessarily have to be staying at this resort in order to partake in some of the activities. No matter what you feel like doing, you’ll find something that you enjoy on this beautiful island!


The #1 attraction at The Atlantis is said to be Marine Habitat, which is an aquarium. Being the world’s largest marine park, it has over 55,000 sea animals to see. This is something fun and educational for all ages!

Head to Dolphin Cay if you want to swim with dolphins and interact with them! Or take a ride down a clear tunnel into shark filled waters. If you’re into sharks, you’ll also want to check out Predator Lagoon. There are plenty of exhibits at the aquarium to see and do, so plan a few hours or even a full day for this activity!


If you’re a person that loves to golf, Paradise Island is the perfect place for a few holes! Gather up some of the other wedding guests and have some friendly competition. The best place for golfing on this island is at Ocean Club Golf Course. The views are amazing! It’s also not a difficult course, so those of all skill levels can play.

Water Park

Feel like a kid again and head to Adventure Water Park for the day! If you’re in the mood to just relax, take a ride on the lazy river or a dip in one of the multiple pools. If you’re more adventurous, take a ride down one of the many steep slides! You can also enjoy rock climbing at this water park.

Versailles Gardens and French Cloister

Experience even more beauty that Paradise Island has to offer by going to Versailles Gardens and French Cloister! Take a break from the crowds at The Atlantis and head to this serene spot, which is a perfect setting for a destination wedding ceremony. You’ll feel like you’re in Europe and it’s also a great location for breathtaking pictures. You’ll leave feeling more relaxed and more at peace!


Want to see if you’re any luckier when you’re in Paradise Island? Head to the Casino at Atlantis Resort! This is a great activity for those who don’t care for the beach or just want to get out of the sun for a few hours. It’s also something fun to do at night with a group.

Even if you aren’t a gambler, you’ll love all of the entertainment that this casino has to offer. They have shows, concerts, DJ’s, tournaments and more. You might get to see one of your favorite singers perform live!


Vacation is all about relaxation, so why not treat yourself and head to the spa. The spa is also a great place for the bridesmaids to take the bride before her wedding day! Mandara Spa at Atlantis and One & Only Ocean Club Spa are the two most recommended spots in Paradise Island.

Even though the spas can be expensive, getting a massage at the beginning of your trip will help you be relaxed for the remainder of your vacation. If you’re looking for something to do with your boyfriend or husband, get a couples massage! Guys like to be pampered every once in awhile too.

Beach Bums

Looking forward to lying on the beach the entire time you’re in Paradise Island? Three great choices are Atlantis Beach, Cove Beach and Paradise Beach. Although Atlantis Beach is said to be the best, it’s also known to be the most crowded.

Cove Beach has calmer water, which makes for great swimming. However, the beach can be a little rocky and not as sandy as Atlantis Beach.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach just to sunbathe, you might enjoy Paradise Beach the most. It’s also said to be the most romantic because you can take a nice stroll to the nearby lighthouse.

There are so many different things to do in Paradise Island. Even though you’re going as a wedding guest, it’s still a vacation for you, so plan activities that you’ll enjoy. No matter how long you’re in Paradise Island for, it won’t be long enough!

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