Sample Save The Date Cards For A Destination Wedding

Save the date cards are essential to the success of a destination wedding.

These cards (or magnets) should be sent out at least 8-10 months ahead of the actual wedding.

Doing so will give guests time to ask for vacation from work, save up money, and to make travel arrangements.

Traditional save the date cards and magnets are simple and to the point. The most basic ones will say names of the couple getting married, location, and the dates to save.

In addition, many of the new save the date cards include the URL of their wedding website so guests can get additional information like group rates at hotels, room reservations procedure, photographs of the couple, and other pieces of necessary information.

Listed below are some sample save the date cards that we love for their simplicity and design. Most of them can be bought at
Miami Fun
Capitol Love
Anchor s Away
Chicago Theater
Aspen Landscape
Date Stamp
Las Vegas
Shoreline Chic
NYC Skyline
Serene Seaside
Aloha Love
Beach Resort
Beach Bungalow
Destination Paradise
Island Icons
Out Islands
Reef Romance
Starry Pair
Nassau Chic
Seashell Sketches
Stylish Starfish
Tropical Sojourn

Tips For Making Your Own Save The Date Card:

Be creative with the save the date cards. The most popular type is a refrigerator magnet, but you can also do a mug, a jigsaw puzzle, a luggage tag, a bookmark or even a calender. Here is another nice selection of save the date ideas on Pinterest

Before you send out the save the date cards for a destination wedding, make sure everything is final. If you change something after sending the cards, you will be stuck having to make calls to every guest to make them aware of it.

If you are creating a DIY destination wedding save the date card, them make sure it is very simple. Don’t crowd it with information that guests will need when they are at the wedding. Consider just adding the most basic information on the card along with your wedding website URL.

If you can, match the destination wedding theme to the save the date cards. For example, if you are getting married in Las Vegas, then a playing card themed save the date would be great.

How should you send them? Email or physical pieces? We would suggest both.

The ideas above should provide you with enough inspiration to get started on creating your own destination wedding save the date cards. Once you see an idea you like, replicating it is not too difficult, even if you do it yourself.

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