St. George’s, Grenada: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

Concorde-Falls-GrenadaSt. George’s is the capital city of Grenada and a popular location on the island for tourists.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it has many activities for you and your wedding guests.

There are plenty of things to do and see!

Most likely your guests will turn the trip into a vacation as well. On days you don’t have something planned for them, they will be on their own and have free time. During this free time they will probably break off into groups based on interests.

It’s always nice to provide your guests with information about the island, including popular attractions. This narrowed down list of the best activities will be very helpful and allow them to make the best of their time in Grenada!

Take a Tour

When in a different country it’s always smart to take a guided tour when you go off to explore. When you go out on your own you could be missing important sites or not be aware of what you’re actually looking at. A knowledgeable tour guide will help you avoid that!

The most popular tour in St. George’s is AJ Meddy Tours & Taxi. There are four different packages to choose from including a half day tour on the west coast, a half day tour on the east coast, a scenes and swim tour and a full day tour. See waterfalls, beaches, forts, spice plants and more.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Like most Caribbean islands, Grenada is a great place for scuba diving. For St. George’s wedding groups that want to try this activity, the best place to go is ScubaTech Grenada. They will take you to a variety of different dive sites and teach you everything there is to know.

ScubaTech offers PADI programs from beginners to divemasters. They also offer free shuttle service if your hotel isn’t within walking distance! Their private jetty allows for easy access to the dive boat at all times.

For guests that aren’t interested in diving, they also offer snorkeling! One of the most popular snorkeling and scuba diving sites in St. George’s is Underwater Sculptures. Here you’ll explore the statues under the water as well as a variety of sea life.

Gorgeous Gardens

For St. George’s wedding groups that enjoy nature, they will want to check out Jessamine Eden Botanic Garden. Here you’ll find over 60 acres of tropical gardens, organic farms and rain forest trails. It’s eco-friendly and a breathtaking place! There are many different types of plants, birds, trees and more. You may also get to taste some delicious honey!


Since Grenada is so mountainous, hiking is a popular activity for visitors. Not only is hiking a way to enjoy the weather and outdoors and get some exercise, it’s also a way to get the best popular views of the island! Additionally, it’s a great bonding experience for St. George’s wedding groups.

The most popular hiking trails in St. George’s are Mt. Qua Qua and St. Margaret’s Falls. The trail of Mt. Qua Qua passes along Grand Etang Lake and then rises up to higher points. The trail will take about an hour and a half to hike.

The trail of St. Margaret’s Falls passes by seven waterfalls in the rain forest. The trail will take about three hours to hike! It’s a very scenic route and a great way to see Grenada and enjoy all the views. Make sure to bring your cameras!

Historical Sites

Although Grenada looks like all beauty from the outside, there is definitely some history to explore. For St. George’s wedding groups that are interested in the history of the island, a tour of the historic sites might be on their to-do list.

Some of the most popular historical sites are Fort Frederick, Fort George, Grenada National Museum and St George’s Anglican Church. Fort Frederick offers a short guided tour and then you get to enjoy the spectacular views. They are some of the best views of the island!

Fort George is another historical site that offers breathtaking views. It is now a police station but there is still a walking tour around the old fort. The Grenada National Museum is a great place to visit if you want to see a lot of the country’s history all in one place. There are many different exhibits to check out!

St. George’s Anglican Church was badly damaged by a hurricane, however, it’s still beautiful in its own way and a historical religious site. There is also a usable side chapel still.

St George’s is popular for a reason. It’s a gorgeous location for a beach wedding and there are plenty of things to do for your wedding guests! Grand Anse Beach is the most well known beach near the capital, so for those groups that want to spend their vacation relaxing that’s the place for them. Your destination wedding in Grenada will definitely be one to remember!

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