10 Entertainment Ideas for Your Family Reunion

Monopoly in the ParkThe main objective to planning a family reunion is to get the people together so everyone can catch up and have a good time.

In order to facilitate an environment of fun, activities need to be planned carefully.

Family reunion games that encourage teamwork and laughter will go a long way towards fostering a familial environment.

Before planning a bunch of activities, think about the mix of attendees that will be coming.

If you are expecting a lot of children, then plan some family reunion activities for kids and others that include both kids and adults.

Here are 10 family reunion games and entertainment ideas that everyone in your family reunion will enjoy.

You don’t have to have a large dance hall or dance floor for this to be enjoyable. Simply put some music in the CD player and dance the night away. Another idea would be to pull out an old record player and listen to some “oldies but goodies” that the older generations will enjoy. Dancing is a great way to get the entire family involved.

Along with dancing you may want to pull out a karaoke machine and your television and let everyone rock to the music. You can purchase a karaoke machine fairly cheap and it is a fun way to involve the kids while also providing an activity that is unique and interesting.

Board Games
Consider gathering some board games that can be played by at least 4 players. If you want the entire family to be involved with one game, simply divide everyone up into teams. Try making small game areas with different games set up at each station. The family can travel around to the different games. This activity will keep everyone entertained for hours. Some great games are; Clue, Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Pictionary and Scrabble.

Card Games
Mix things up with a good old fashion game of cards. Try games like Texas Hold Um for the adults and perhaps Go Fish or War for the younger generation. You may want to create a game space for the children that are separate from the adults or try involving everyone in a game such as Crazy 8’s.

Dice Games
Another option is dice games like Yatzee. A new game to try is CLR, this dice game is relatively cheap and features three dice with the letters “C, L, R” printed on them. The object of the game is to roll the dice and move quarters or chips around the table. The winner of the game receives all of the quarters or chips that were collected in the center (C) of the game. Whether you are playing classic dice, Yatzee or starting a new tradition with a game such as CLR you are going to provide a chance for fellowship for the whole family.

Bean Bag Game
Try a game like Corn Hole or Bean Bag Toss to liven up a warm summer picnic. Set the family up into teams, read the rules and let the games begin.

Home Movie
An entertaining option is to have members of your family bring old movies of Christmas or other holidays where the whole family has gotten together in years past. This is a great way to reminisce about the past. The children will get a kick out of seeing their aunts and uncles in years past and the adults will have fun too. This option will create lasting memories for years to come.

Video Diary
Designate someone in the family to be the videographer and have him/her video tape the event. You can give them a list of questions to ask the attendees to record what is happening in the year that your family reunion is taking place.

Pie Eating Contest
This option is a great way to have some fun with dessert. Set up a table with pies or other contest food and let everyone race to finish first. Ask everyone to bring a pie that can be used for this event.

Horse Shoes
Horse Shoes is a classic game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Separate the family into teams and enjoy the event.

Whether you are playing games, dancing or eating the entertainment at your family reunion should be fun and enjoyed by all ages.

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