Family Reunion Fundraising Tips

i'll give YOU a tip...Fundraising for a family reunion is a difficult task and one that should not be left to one person.

Depending on the size of the reunion, and how much money needs to be raised, you may end up needing a significant amount of volunteers to get the fundraising organized.

Here are some tried and true tips that the very best planners have provided.

Budget For Your Family Fundraiser

Make sure to decide on how much money your group will need to have a successful reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember. The family reunion finance committee should help in getting you an idea of how much needs to be raised. If you want to learn more, take a look at our series of articles on creating a family reunion budget. You;ll be a pro after reading these.

Organize Early, Recruit Volunteers

Organize the family reunion fundraising plan at least one year in advance of the actual reunion. Get your fundraising ideas on paper, along with a budget and make sure to communicate that to the entire family. Everyone should know what is involved with making this happen. If the effort is large, make sure to communicate electronically via email or through the use of a family reunion website. By being organized, you will encourage more people to volunteer and participate in getting the fundraising off the ground.

Keep An Eye On Costs

Expenses can spiral out of control if you do not keep them in check. Make sure to set rules at the outset with all volunteers. All expenses need to be approved prior to the actual spending. If an expense is not approved, the volunteer will not be reimbursed. Encourage volunteers to take the bus instead of a cab, buy store brand items instead of name brand etc.

Communicate Early And Often

Keep all family reunion members in the loop (via email or website) about the fundraising happenings. Communicate with them often about what needs to be done, how much needs to be raised and how much is already raised. Also, in your communications, make sure to ask for suggestions and you will be surprised at how many other creative things people can come up with.

Motivate With Goals, And Celebrate Milestones

Keep everyone motivated with a clear goal. At the outset of the fundraising, you need to set a goal of how much needs to be raised. Make this your mission and every time you chip away at it, send out a celebratory email to all the volunteers.

Be Specific About Dates, And Schedules

Set specific dates for all activities. Set a schedule at the beginning and stick to it. Being organized will not only encourage participation, it will also create better results.

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