Family Reunion Setup And Cleanup Committee Responsibilities

Clean Up or You're Out! :Brooklyn Street SignThe family reunion setup/clean up committee has to be extremely organized when it comes to the details.

They are the ones that take care of the decorations, table settings, and finally the clean up.

Typically, this committee will manage the largest number of volunteers

And they will receive the least amount of recognition so make sure you do something special for them towards the end of the family reunion. To help keep you organized, we have created a list of responsibilities for the setup/clean up committee.

Signs – Directional signage should be prepared ahead of time and placed in locations that make it easier for family members to get to the registration desk (Typically in the lobby or one of the hospitality suites).

Marquee Sign – If the hotel contract calls for a “Welcome Smith Family Reunion” on the marquee, then make sure that everything is spelled correctly (We can’t all be Smith…).

Set up registration area – Set up a couple of tables with chairs, water, registration packets, name tags, pen/pencils, clipboard, any handouts, agenda, and directions to any activities. Also, put up any decorations like balloons, streamers, etc. to create the a festive mood.

During Banquet – Get decorations done for the banquet, talk to catering manager at hotel to make sure the room is set up properly, test A/V equipment like microphones, verify requirements for any music, lighting, and centerpieces. If there are any themes to the reunion then that will require additional set up of tables (E.g. Family history table, Family tree board).

Hospitality Suite – Set up tables, chairs, stock with food, and drinks (if allowed by hotel), put up decorations, take out trash (See if the hotel can take care of that). Ensure that there are enough paper goods, napkins etc.

Picnic/BBQ – If your family reunion calls for a picnic or a BBQ on one of the days, then the set up/ clean up folks will need to prepare for utensils, paper goods, outdoor grill, foil, decorations, lighter fluid, matches, and finally the clean up.

Games/Activities – Depending on the types of games or activities being planned by the family reunion activities committee, they may require special set up and breakdown. For example, if you are renting a bouncy bounce, will the set up/clean up committee be responsible for it?. Make sure to iron out such details during the family reunion planning meeting.

Some Tips For The Setup/Clean Up Crew At The Family Reunion

Tip #1– The set up/clean up crew should try to be at the hotel or family reunion site at least a day ahead to prepare for the festivities. Coming in earlier than anyone else will let them get organized with their team, set up any rooms, and make any last minute changes.

Tip #2– The committee that heads this responsibility needs to envision the entire event so they can understand the scope. When planning, they need to go into every detail of decorations  seating arrangements, table layouts, and finally the sequence of the clean up.

Tip #3- As mentioned earlier, this committee will manage the largest number of volunteers. If your family is anything like ours, then this committee will also have the hardest time recruiting volunteers as no one wants to volunteer at the actual family reunion. Most people don’t mind helping out in the planning process, but getting folks to work the actual reunion is a bit more difficult.

Tip #4– One strategy we have used in the past is that we have required one to two members of each family to volunteer for set up or clean up. We posted a list of responsibilities on our family reunion website and handed out positions on a first come first serve basis. Generally speaking, folks wanted the set up volunteer positions more than the clean up.

The list of responsibilities above should help you get on the right path when planning your own set up/clean up at the family reunion. Remember to start early and over prepare with extra help.

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