Family Reunion Website Reviews

African Web 2.0 Sites (v2 - updated)If you’re planning a family reunion, consider creating a family reunion website as soon as a decision has been made on the date and location of your event.

Most people nowadays have Internet access and a family reunion website provides a convenient way to get a lot of information to a lot of people fast.

Plus, with today’s websites, you can collect registrations fees, chat, and take surveys right through the website. The best part is that you don’t need any programming knowledge. Everything is as simple as point and click

Is It Really That Simple?

Creating a family reunion website requires no programming knowledge at all. There are several companies that are wholly dedicated to creating just family reunion websites and offer very easy and simple templates that come with the most popular features.

The list below offer several companies that offer easy to create family reunion websites. The ones that cost money (around $15 a month) generally offer a lot of features dedicated to family reunions. The free ones listed below don’t offer as many tools but can be used to communicate information.
This company is a leader in family reunion website creation, is by far our number one choice for creating the family reunion website. The features they offer for minimal cost are worth every penny because every feature will save you time. The most important features are:

  • Beautiful templates already designed so you don’t have to
  • Ability to offer registration for family reunion
  • Collect family reunion dues by selling tickets
  • No limit on how many pages you can create
  • You can send family reunion invitations and track them
  • There’s a message board for family members to chat
  • Create a family tree
  • You can upload videos and post then right on the website
  • Take polls and quizzes
  • Create a family reunion blog
  • Maintain a list of who’s coming
  • Send your family members e-mails right from the website
  • Create a family reunion agenda and share it with everyone
  • Track your budget

There are many more features than we have mentioned above. It’s a safe bet that if you were to go with this company, you will do just fine. Plus they offer a free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Family Reunion Website
Family offers a similar product but doesn’t have as many features. They offer templates that are easy to use, and the ability to create a family reunion blog and message board so your family can chat. You can create a family reunion poll, share any files like registration packets, and send e-mails directly from the website.

While this company doesn’t offer as many features as my, it is also about 40% cheaper per month. Prices start at around six dollars per month.
A completely free tool that offers be easy customization is You can create your family reunion blog and update everyone on a regular basis with their easy editor. You can upload photos, share details of the event, and family members can leave comments. If all you need in a website is a way to communicate the details of your family reunion, then this is the way to go.
If all you want to do is create a page with information about your family reunion, then use my You can create a website, share photos and create a family tree. You’ll have your own page on which to announce any additional details, and any pertinent news about your family reunion. The website is free but not customizable.

The information above should make it clear that the best choice to create a family reunion website is They offer a free trial so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Family reunion websites are an essential tool in today’s day and age. The ability to communicate to a large group of people, collect dues, foster discussion, and take opinion are just some of the benefits of creating one. You will find that there will be many, many members of your family that are able to create and maintain a family reunion website in less than an hour a week. It is absolutely worth the time, energy and effort that goes into it.

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