Sample Agenda For Family Reunion

AgendaCreating and sending out a family reunion agenda is of tremendous value to your attendees as they can clearly see the plans laid out.

Make sure to create one at least a month before the actual event so you can accommodate any last minute changes into your plans.

Here is a free sample download that we created. Just click the button below to download it.

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Tips For Creating Your Family Reunion Agenda

Make it fun
Family reunion agendas need not be boring. Personalize them with little inside jokes, or cartoons that will make the family reunion sound and feel like it will be lots of fun. By making the agenda light hearted, you will get more people looking forward to a good time.

What To Include
Make sure the family reunion agenda has

  • Dates and times
  • Activities – followed by description (try to include local activities)
  • All meals – even if the family reunion is not hosting them (For example: Lunch – on own)
  • Hotel information along with rates.
  • Family reunion dues information (If not already paid)
  • Directions to any activities that you have not arranged transportation for

Setting up a family reunion agenda is beneficial as it cuts down on the calls you will receive for the same information over and over again. To see how annoying that can be, try not creating one….

Another benefit is that people are less confused at the family reunion itself. They have directions, timing, and dates. If they need help beyond that, then you have other problems…

Website, And Email
Use the family reunion website to post the family reunion agenda so everyone can have access to this information as soon as possible. Once you have set it up on the website, send out an email to your attendees with the exact URL (Web address) for the agenda for everyone to take a look at. Make sure your website has the capability for your family to chat on a message board so folks can discuss their plans. Some family reunion websites actually have live chat rooms that the family can get together in to converse. Makes for some fun times

Using the above tips to create a family reunion agenda will ensure that you have adequate information for your attendees. Creating one also forces you to be organized as it gives you a hard deadline that you need to have all the details ironed out by.

What should you do next?

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