Using your Group’s Buying Power to Negotiate, Budget, Categorize and Raise Funds

Family ReunionBeing able to negotiate group hotel rates, and group airfare for your family reunion is essential. Using your groups buying power to negotiate is extremely helpful when you are blocking rooms at a hotel or booking multiple tickets with airlines. Working together to form a feasible budget, categorize tasks and raising funds is also vital to pulling off a successful family reunion.

Working as a Team
It is important to establish a reunion committee or team that is responsible for making the arrangements for everything from the menu to the travel. The power behind the team is vital. Make sure that your team is made up of family members that can work well together. Start planning early (at least six months in advance) and schedule regular meetings for updates and task assignments.

Deciding on a Budget
Once the team has been established it is important to decide on a budget that works for everyone. If you are going on a trip or vacation as a family you may have to have individual budgets, but make sure that each family member can afford the excursion. A budget is also helpful when planning the venue, menu and entertainment at the reunion. Stick to the budget once it is decided and make any adjustments as needed to stay on task.

Accommodation Booking: Group Power
When blocking hotel rooms, it is important to book as a group. Instead of calling hotels individually, you can fill out a group hotel reservations form to have hotels email you their group rates.  Our site offers you the ability to find excellent deals on group hotel rates using a bidding system. Hotels that meet your needs will bid on your business and offer their lowest rates available since they know they are competing against other hotels in the area. Once you receive all the rates for your room block, choose the accommodations that work best for you and your family. We offer a unique feature that allows you to pay as a group or individually.

Booking Flights: Strength in Numbers
Just as with hotels you will also be able to get cheaper rates on flights if you work as a team and book in a group. The more people that are in your party the better rates you will have. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. You will find that doing the extra leg work to find the flight and price that work best for your family will be worth it in the end.

Categorizing the Event
You will need to break down the tasks that need to be accomplished into different categorizes. Consider breaking them down by what logically goes together. The menu plans should be separate from the decorations or venue decisions. Work as a committee to designate tasks to individual family members. The more people you have working together to achieve the end result the better. Also, you may find that subcommittees and categories work well for some tasks such as flight booking and hotel accommodation planning.

Raising Funds for the Event
Some ideas for fund raising include; holding a rummage sale with family possessions such as quilts and crafts or saving pennies and loose change as a family to be shared to offset the costs of the reunion planning. You may also try putting together a family cook book with secret recipes that can be sold to neighbors or your friends. With everyone working together and providing items or ideas raising funds to hold a great family reunion will be a lot easier.

Talk Down the Price
If you are having trouble getting a service at an affordable rate such as catering or a reception hall fee try talking down the price. Ask a family member that is comfortable to accompany you to the site and talk to the manager or person in charge. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. They want your business as much as you want their service. With the right person doing the talking you will be able to get what you want at the right price for you and your family’s budget.

Using teamwork to negotiate accommodations and other necessities for the reunion is simple if you know how. Look for deals and group rates wherever possible, make a budget and stick to it. Try to form a committee and categorize the tasks that must be performed in order for the reunion to go smoothly. As a family, come up with ideas for raising funds for the event. There is much to say about strength in numbers and planning for a family reunion is no exception.

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