Planning A Group Cruise?

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Planning A Group Cruise?

Going on a group cruise is a trend that has become very common over the past decade as planners figure out that it’s cheaper than many land based alternatives.

Going on a cruise with your group seems like a no-brainer when you factor in discounted group cruise rates, free rooms, and all inclusive pricing.

In many cases, cruising as a group has proven to be a cheaper alternative to its land based (Hotel+Activities) counterpart.

Why do groups love to cruise?

Cruise ships are a great attraction for groups due to the ability to go to multiple ports, excursions and onsite activities (Dining, Broadway shows, gambling, duty free shopping etc.). These floating shopping mall type resorts have enough activities to host all types of groups from small family reunions to large conferences with thousands of attendees.

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What kinds of groups cruise together?

  • Reunions – Family Reunion Cruise, class reunions cruises, high school reunions, military reunions, frat
  • Destination Wedding Cruises.
  • Clubs and associations like Fitness groups, dance groups, wine clubs, motor cycle,
  • Sports groups like golf clubs, and bowling leagues
  • Leisure groups – Church groups, YMCA, VFW, Elks, American Legion, community groups, non-profits
  • Business groups – Corporations, meeting planners, professional associations, incentive programs, meetings and trainings

So what’s the definition of a group?

For most cruise lines, you’ll need at least 8 double occupancy staterooms to qualify as a group. Once you have at least eight staterooms booked, you are entitled to many cruise ship amenities that others would not necessarily enjoy.


What kind of amenities do groups get for booking a cruise?

Group cruises offer tremendous value due to their all inclusive nature. Depending on the size of your group, you can enjoy

Private party (Most cruise ships have meeting rooms. If your group is large enough, the meeting rooms and private parties are included in the price of the cruise)

  • Room type upgrades (Get balcony view for the price of inner stateroom)
  • Cocktail parties
  • Group dining in the restaurant (hassle free dining with your entire group in a pre-reserved seating area)
  • Group photos
  • Priority check in for the entire group

Other upgrades that are offered from time to time are complimentary wine and chocolate in each stateroom and passes to Broadway style shows.

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What are the advantages of group cruises?

From rock climbing to Vegas style shows, there is something for everyone in your group. Rather than visiting a new city where not everyone on your group would have a good time, a cruise ship is a multipurpose venue that everyone will enjoy.

Discount group cruise rates for everyone
One of the biggest advantages is the cost savings over the regular price of a cruise. By planning ahead and organizing a group (family reunion, class reunion, wedding cruise etc.), you can save anywhere from 9% to 50% off published prices. If you are looking to plan a cruise, you can start by getting group cruise rates.

Pay together or pay separately
When you are organizing a group (family reunion, destination wedding, or class reunion etc. ), you can choose to pay together as a group or pay separately. This advantage is tremendous since no one has to waste time collecting funds.

All inclusive with no hassles
Your group can pay for the cruise and be done with the monetary portion for the length of the cruise since almost everything is included with the price of admission. Being part of the group may even let you in on additional perks like Broadway shows and private dinner parties

Something for everyone
There are activities on the ship that will suit everyone in your group. Some may enjoy lounging by the pool with a good book while others may enjoy rock climbing. With supervised kids programs, adults can also be free to rest and relax at their leisure.

Group cruises fit every budget
Every cruise ship has different room types and prices to suit everyone’s budget. From the three bedroom suites overlooking the ocean to interior cabins, there is a room type for everyone in your group.

Dine together… or alone
Traditionally, cruises have had assigned seating arranged for all reservations. However, a group can choose to dine together or just on some of the nights. When you do dine together, a special section of the restaurant is reserved for you so you can recap the days events with everyone else.

Free Rooms for group cruise coordinator(s)
Depending on the size of your group, you may be entitled to many free rooms. For every eight rooms booked, you get one bed free. Learn more about the group coordinator incentive program here.

Group Cruise Planning Tips

  • Group cruising is not a spur of the moment kind of event. Full payments are generally due 60-90 days before departure so make sure to plan ahead. Plus booking a group cruise early will qualify your group for early saver rates.
  • If you are planning to cruise during peak season, then you need to make group reservations at least one year in advance. If however, you are planning to go during the off season, then you can make group cruise bookings with two to three months notice. For the best value and the lowest group cruise rates, plan on traveling either at the beginning or the end of the season.
  • Plan any excursions with your group well ahead of the cruise. Not only will you get discounted rates, you will also avoid on board squabbling. If you wait to plan any additional tours on board, you will pay much more and not everyone will be happy with the choices.
  • No one in your group will be happy with all the choices. Your job is to make the maximum number of people happy most of the time.
  • Tell as many people in your group to bring their own laptops. Getting online is a lot easier with the WiFi than having to wait in line at a terminal on the ship.
  • Tell everyone to bring at least two of everything including shoes and belts. You never know if you lose something and buying can get expensive on a cruise ship.
  • Select a departure port that is central to everyone in your group. It will make thigns cheaper for everyone and the participation in the cruise will increase.

For more tips, read our popular article on Group Cruise Tips

High Satisfaction Value

A group cruise will offer some of the highest satisfaction value of any kind of group vacation. In fact, studies have shown that most groups that go on a cruise together return within two years.

Group cruises offer a great way to enjoy an all inclusive vacation with your friends, or family members. They also offer a great way for companies to combine a meeting along with the perks of a vacation. They provide a hassle free experience that is fun and affordable for the entire group.

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