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Want to do something different at your next family reunion? Something unique that will be both memorable and enjoyable for everyone in your family? If so, then plan a family reunion cruise. Not only are cruises a fun way to vacation, they also provide a cheaper alternative to land based family reunions.

You mean to say that family reunion cruises are cheaper?

Yup, you read that right. After you factor in the cost of hotels, flights, car rentals, food and activities, a land based family reunion can run an average family of four about $2000.00.

If you plan ahead, many cruise companies will offer great deals for your family reunion that will actually be closer to 1600.00 for a family of four (And you’ll get to see several islands in the Caribbean!)

Getting group cruise rates is free so there is no harm in getting quotes if you are in the beginning stages of planning a family reunion. Plus, most folks in your family reunion planning committee will be ecstatic when you present them with the idea of a hassle free vacation.

What do you mean by hassle free vacation?

What is the biggest problem with family reunions? The planning, right? Who is going to do the work that goes on behind the scenes? Who will volunteer for this or that?

On a group cruise, there is very little planning required since most, if not all, of the activities are included in the price of admission. All you do is show up and the rest is taken care or. The food, the shows, swimming, kids events, rock climbing etc. are all taken care of ahead of time. There is no more planning once you are on board so everyone (Including the family reunion planner) can enjoy catching up instead of worrying about how to split the tips (Which are prepaid as well, by the way) at dinner.

But wait, there’s more. We have not even talked about the perks of traveling as a group.

What are the perks for family reunion cruises?

Since the 1980’s, cruise ships have been trying to attract family reunions. In trying to get more families to try and cruise together, they have offered many complimentary perks that are not offered to regular cruise guests. These perks include

  • Free cruise for the group coordinator (Learn more about getting a free cruise by clicking here)
  • Gaming credit for everyone of legal age
  • Express boarding for your entire family reunion (Ahead of every one else)
  • Group dining (The entire family can have dinner together in a separate section of the restaurant)
  • Private party for the entire family reunion
  • Champagne welcome toast

While the perks above are great and will be enjoyed by all, there are other things about cruises that make it an ideal situation for family reunions.

Like what?

For one thing, there are activities for people of all ages on a cruise. Anyone who has planned a land based family reunion knows that in order for it to be successful, you have to plan for activities that will involve everyone. This can be time consuming, and a hassle to plan.

On a cruise ship however, that is not the case. From roller blading to scuba diving, gambling to Broadway shows, there is something for everyone so no one in your family will feel left out. There are things to do during downtime as well. Relax in the pool or just go for a stroll along the deck.

Another thing that makes a cruise ideal for family reunions is that it is, by definition, all inclusive. All meals, sleeping arrangements, and most of the activities are included as part of the purchase price so there is no need to raise additional funds. Just step onboard the ship and enjoy. Another significant advantage is that you can pay for the entire group as a whole or individually.

Whether you are planning your first or the tenth reunion, a group cruise can serve as a perfect vehicle to entertain everyone in your family. Group cruises are a fun and unique way to get together in a setting that is both enjoyable, affordable and memorable.

Finally, if you are thinking of planning a family reunion cruise, read How to plan a group cruise for a family reunion. If you liked this article, please feel free to share it with others.

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