7 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Family Reunion Cruise

Cruising on the ChesapeakeA family reunion cruise? Are you crazy? No one plans a family reunion on a cruise ship.

If those are the words that you foresee being flung back at you, then here are ways that you can highlight the difference between a family reunion cruise and a land based one.

If you are just starting to plan a family reunion cruise, then be sure to read how to plan a family reunion cruise.

Family Reunion Cruises Are Cheaper

When you compare the cost of a land based family reunion versus a sea based one, you’ll find that cruising is a lot cheaper. In a recent study by the cruise lines international association (CLIA), 73.4 percent said that their last cruise was the same price or less than a comparable resort vacation. When you factor in the cost of airfare, car rental, activities, food, and other incidentals, you begin to realize that there are a lot of variable expenses in a land based reunion. Variables that are hard to control.

A cruise ship, however, takes those variables away and packages everything into one price so that everything you need on the cruise is included. Click here to get group cruise rates online and let our cruise specialists get you some get group cruise discounts.

Do Whatever, Whenever

A family reunion cruise allows your attendees the chance do group activities and individual activities at their own leisure. People in your group can choose to meet by the pool to hang out as a family during the day and yet choose to dine apart. Activities can be broken into smaller groups or done individually as well. This kind of flexibility for each individual is a great selling point.

Activities Galore (Something for everyone)

Cruises have activities to suit all age groups. From rock climbing to bird watching, basketball to casinos, there is something for everyone on a cruise. And when you’re tired of the activities, go and relax by the pool and take in some sun. Unlike a traditional cruise where you have to plan multiple activities to keep everyone happy, a family reunion cruise is a one stop shop where everyone will keep busy.

Sample activities on cruise ships:

  • Supervised activities for toddlers and young children,
  • Clubs and dances for teens
  • Rock climbing
  • Ice skating rinks
  • Spa
  • Fitness programs
  • Dance lessons
  • Cooking classes
  • Wine tastings
  • Movie theatre
  • Broadway style musicals
  • Shore excursions


Inclusive Meals, Accommodations, and Activities

One of the best parts of a family reunion cruise is that just about everything that you need on the ship is included in the price of admission. Included in a cruise vacation is all the food, entertainment, and accommodations that you will need. While there are things not included (Such as alcoholic beverages, spa treatment etc.), you can choose to add those on or avoid them altogether to stay on budget. This makes the cruise option a spectacular value compared to a land based family reunion.

Multiple Destinations, One Price

One of the key differentiators between a family reunion cruise and a land based one is that a cruise will take you to multiple destinations. After having cruised for several days and seen the many Caribbean Islands, your family will not want to go back to doing reunions on land.

Family Time Without The Planning

There is no planning once you are onboard the cruise ship. This lets everyone just kick back, relax and spend some quality time with the family (After all, isn’t that the objective). On a land based family reunion, there is always the worry that so and so person forgot this or that. Or that the hotel is charging for extra amenities or does not have enough servers for dinner. There are no such worries on a cruise ship. Just board the ship and enjoy the fun.

Family Reunion Cruises Are The New Trend

Families are cruising and that is a fact. Out of 1000 households surveyed, almost half said that they have cruised at least twice with their families. And this should be no surprise. Cruises offer family reunions a hassle free “built in” vacation that includes dining, activities, and entertainment. There are no activities to plan for, no dinner arrangements to be made and no worries about transportation. Just showing up all you have to do.

While planning a family reunion cruise is easier than a land based one, you should expect more resistance on the part of your family members. By knowing the advantages of hosting your family reunion on a cruise ship, you’ll be prepared to answer any objections that may come up during discussions.

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