Group Cruises Are The New Trend

Group - Blue Lagoon Cruises, Lautoka, Fiji IslandsPreparing for a wedding? Or a reunion? Have you considered a group cruise?

Cruising as a group is actually a lot simpler than planning group travel on land.

Many of details are already taken care of and all activities are on board the ship, which solves one of the largest group travel headaches, transportation.

Let’s go over some of the reasons why cruising as a group is the new trend.

Advantages of group cruises

  • Saving money
  • Getting much more value for every dollar spent
  • All inclusive fine dining, meals, and snacks
  • All inclusive activities and entertainment
  • Upgrades for group travel coordinators (With most groups, the coordinator generally travels for free)
  • Duty free shopping
  • Exotic Island destinations

The Trend Is Your Friend

Taking your group on a cruise has become somewhat of a trend lately as cost has become an increasing factor.  Group cruises, in some cases, can be significantly cheaper than land based group travel since most offer all inclusive packages that include food and entertainment.

Fixed Cost vs. Variable

Knowing your costs upfront can be quite an advantage for any group travel planner in a time that budgets for guests and corporations alike are constrained.  With a group cruise, most of your onboard activities are pre-planned and paid for upfront.  Knowing this gives your attendees a sense of freedom since they are not worried about how they are going to budget during their trip.

Meeting Spaces Too

If you are looking to do a reunion, church (religious) event, or a corporate meeting, cruise planners can arrange for state of the art meeting space with complete audiovisual specs.  They can arrange for specialty dining options, early boarding, cocktail receptions, and almost anything else you can think of.  In fact, meeting space is quite often complimentary if your group is large enough.

Personalized Group Cruises

Another advantage is that cruises can accommodate most special interest groups as well.  Whether your group is interested in snorkeling or golf, ice skating or wine, there is a cruise ship out there that will cater to your needs.

What’s in it for the meeting planner?

Since group cruises are all inclusive in nature, you really don’t have much planning to do.  There are no banquets to arrange, no activities to research and plan.  You need not worry about transportation, collaboration, registration, or entertainment.  Plus, as an added incentive, most group cruise planners get to stay for free.

What kinds of groups plan cruises?

Cruise ships have gotten larger and larger over the years and they can now accommodate anything from small weddings to huge corporate events.  They have become quite popular with

  • Associations
  • Weddings
  • Reunions
  • Seminars
  • Corporate retreats
  • Senior groups
  • Fund Raisers

If you are considering a group cruise, you have come to the right place. Fill out our group cruise request form and one of our personal cruise experts will help put together the perfect cruise package.  Our services are free so let us know what your needs are.  We’ll surprise you with how easy your group cruise planning can be.

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