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What's The Secret To Getting The Lowest Group Hotel Rates?

Are you getting the lowest group hotel rates? We'll bet that you're not and we know why. Because you're going about getting group rates the wrong way, that's why. Want us to prove it? Read more...

What Is The Average Group Discount?

How much of a discount can you expect when you block rooms for a group?The average group can expect savings of 24% on a 3-star hotel when they use our group hotel rates form. So why aren't you getting these kinds of savings? Read more...

The Golden Rules Of Negotiating With A Hotel

Being a skilled negotiator is critical to your success as a planner. And yet so many planners have poor negotiating skills that lead to higher expenses for the organizations they represent. So how can you get better at negotiating with a hotel? Read more ...

How To Compare Hotels When Booking Rooms For A Group

Many group travel planners make the mistake of comparing hotels based on star level and price per room? They reason that a hotel is a hotel and so long as the above two criteria are met, the rest is all the same. This could not be further from the truth. Read more...

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