Prospecting For Groups? Three Add-Ons That Will Save You Time

WD-40.Squeaky doors. They drove me crazy every time I opened one. At least till WD-40 came along.

Before WD-40 was created, many of us had to remove door hinges and apply soap in order to get the squeaky door to go silent.

But after this blue can of wonder was introduced, solving the squeaky door problem no longer took an hour. If anything, it took just a few seconds. What was once difficult and time consuming was was now simple and fast.

In the same way that the WD-40 saves us time, there is (free) software that can make prospecting faster too.

In this article, we’ll go over three add-ons for gmail that should be used when prospecting for groups. And if you don’t have gmail, no worries, we have some alternatives listed at the end of the article for Outlook users too.

Here are the three gmail add-ons:

  1. Rapportive
  2. Yesware
  3. Boomerang

I encourage you to take a look at these below so you can start saving time and gain valuable insight into the people you’re interacting with every day.

Let’s start with the first one.


How frustrating is it when we see a travel planner on linkedin or a planner on a website but there is no email address.

We fumble around the website but can’t find it so we are left with two choices.

Give up, or try to guess their email. Both of these choices are terrible and not particularly effective as strategies for prospecting. But there is a third choice. Rapportive is an email addon that allows us to find someone’s email address quickly. Watch this amazing video to learn how. Your prospecting will never be the same.

Once you have their email address, you’ll want to contact them. The next gmail add-on will tell you if they even opened your email.


Ever wonder if a prospect is really into you?

You’ve sent a proposal, or an email with information and then you’re waiting to see if they respond. And when they don’t we are left wondering if they even opened our email.

With Yesware, you’ll wonder no more. Yesware is a gmail add-on that lets you know if your email was read, and even how many times it was read. If you’re sending information, and the prospect is not opening your emails, you’ve got a pretty good idea that this one is just not into you that much.

And if the prospect has opened your proposal multiple times, then you know they’re interested. A follow up call would not hurt, would it?

Speaking of follow up call, let’s talk about the third add-on


Ever forget to send a follow up email to a prospect? Most of us have, haven’t we.

Well, forget no more. With Boomerang, we can send emails at a pre-scheduled time. So now, instead of having to remember to send a follow up email, we can create and schedule them to be sent as soon as we finish conversing with the prospect.

So if the prospect tells you to email them back in a month, you can schedule that. If within the course of conversation that prospect tells you that its their birthday on so and so day, then you set up a birthday email for that day as soon as that call ends. In fact, you can set up an entire set of follow up emails to the prospect depending on your conversation. Doing so will help you come across as a superstar salesperson. Someone who remembers everything and follows up.

As you can see, the three email add-ons above are a great way to save time. Time that can be better spent opening doors to new clients.

Or you can continue removing hinges.

Outlook users:

Instead of rapportive, you can use Xobni.

Yesware – Contact Monkey for outlook users or you can use Outlook itself to track if someone has received/read your email.

Boomerang has an outlook version as well.

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