What’s The Secret To Getting The Lowest Group Hotel Rates?

Group Discounts At HotelsAre you getting the lowest group hotel rates? We’ll bet that you’re not and we know why. Because you’re going about getting group rates the wrong way, that’s why. Want us to prove it? Let’s take a test.

A Test?

When you think of getting group hotel rates, what steps came to mind?

Maybe call two to three hotels, get rates, compare amenities, and then negotiate. Right?

Seems logical enough to us too. Except, it’s the wrong way. Not only will you not get the lowest group hotel rates, you will also spend countless hours playing phone tag with hotel sales managers just to get rates.

So What’s The Secret To Getting The Lowest Group Hotel Rates?

The secret is the 3-step process outlined below which, when followed, guarantees the lowest group hotel rates. Not only will you save an average of 24% over regular rates, you will also save time.

Step 1: Create Competition

If you were a top college football player, would you restrict yourself to negotiating with just one or two pro teams? Of course not. You’d want to speak to every team that was willing to make an offer, right? You’d want to create competition for your talents and the only way to do that is to make it known that you will play for the team that offers the best package.

Do the same when you are getting group hotel rates.

So does this mean that I should call dozens of hotels to get group rates?

Not at all. We know you don’t have the time for that so we’ve made it easier.

Just fill out this group hotel rates form and our automated system will get rates from hotels in the city you selected. It’s a completely free service. No credit card, no gimmick, no fees.

Can’t I get the same rates just by calling hotels?

Maybe you can. But why spend hours on the phone.  Not only will our system get group hotel rates in minutes, it will also compare those rates with other websites to make sure it is absolutely the lowest available group hotel rates out there.

You can’t beat that.

Step 2 – Compare Group Hotel Rates

Once you submit a request through our system, you’ll receive group hotel rates almost instantly. Along with group rates, hotels will also offer amenities like free rooms for coordinators etc. Compare offers on our website or download them in a spreadsheet to present to other members of your group.

Step 3 – Contact Hotel

Once you’ve decided on a hotel, just click on “Contact hotel” to get the contact name, telephone number, and email address of the hotel salesperson who placed the bid on your group.

The whole process from start to finish will take no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Beats calling dozens of hotels, eh?

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