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Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre—Meeting RoomCorporate group travel can seem overwhelming but in all reality it is not that difficult. If you know how to get organized and how to plan the trip, the process is much simpler. Follow these 10 tips to help you plan and organize your corporate group travel.

Get Organized

Corporate group travel requires a lot of planning and this first tip, while obvious, is actually the most important one. You can use an old fashioned organizer to get things going or use any of the free online sites that let you plan and organize things like corproate group travel. An example of a good site is and another is

Once you have decided on how to get organized, you will want to include a list of who is going on the trip, what you will need to bring on the trip, a list of group hotels to consider, flight plans as well as any tours or sights that you will be seeing while you are away.

Designate a Leader

It is important to designate someone to become the leader of your group. This will make the corporate group travel planning much easier. He/she can assign tasks throughout the group and simplify any arrangements that need to be made. Your group travel leader may also be in charge of booking group airfare and getting group hotel rates (Self promotion alert : We provide the lowest group hotel rates, guaranteed. Get group hotels to bid on your corporate group travel)

Date and Time

You should make sure that you know exactly when you will be leaving for the trip and how long you will be gone. This bit of information is important because it will dictate when your flight will leave as well as any group hotel arrangements that will need to be made.

Group Hotel Rates

Group hotel rates are easy to get. Just fill out one simple form and you are on your way to getting the lowest group hotel rates. You will find that the discounts and rates are much better for any kind of corporate group travel that includes more than 10 hotel rooms. Once you have group hotel rates, and have decided on a venue, negotiate amenities like free shuttles or complimentary internet access.


Another thing you will need to do is book a flight. When you are communicating with the airline, it is important to be familiar with their policies for groups. Ask any questions that you may have while you are speaking to the airline. If you are not satisfied with the group rates that they are offering, consider looking at other options for airlines.


You may find that you need to make reservations for such things as restaurants and tours before you arrive at your destination. It is a good idea to ask about group discounts for these activities as well. The restaurant or touring company will more than likely be able to find you group rates.


Because you are traveling with a group you may be privy to bonuses. For instance, you may be offered a shuttle to and from the airport to your hotel or a room upgrade. Ask about the bonuses of booking as a corporate group before you make your reservations final.


Make sure that you are aware of when the deposit and full payments are due. Ask the hotel or airline what their deposit procedure is and when the full payment is due.


If you are in charge of putting together the corporate travel group, make sure that you consider where you will hold any seminars or conferences while you are away. You may have to call ahead to set up a location. If there is another company setting up for this part of the trip, make sure that you ask them where the events will take place so that you are punctual.


It is important to be aware of the hotel and airlines cancellation policies before you book a reservation. Often the company will require that you pay for the seats or rooms or a fee may be assessed for the cancellations.

It may seem overwhelming when you are planning for a corporate travel group. If you know how to go about organizing the group and what needs to be done, the process will be much easier.

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