10 Things Hotels Should Do For Military Reunions

Old Glory, The American FlagWhen choosing accommodations for your military reunion, know that there are two types of hotels.

Those that know how to host a military reunion and those that don’t. How will you know what type of hotel you have?

Take a look at the ten things below and check off how many your hotel is doing for you as part of your festivities.

If you have not already booked a hotel, then consider blocking rooms at one that will do a few of the following.

Wear Red, White and Blue – One thing that hotels can do to prepare for military reunions is to have the front desk staff wear red, white and blue. These colors show the soldiers patriotism and make them feel appreciated by the entire front desk wearing red, white and blue.

American Flag – Another way for the hotel to show support for the troops and veterans is to have an American flag hanging at the entrance to the building. Showing the troops that they are aware of their presence at the hotel will make them feel welcome.

Welcome Sign – The hotel can welcome the soldiers with a marquee sign at the entrance. The sign will let the people attending the reunion know that the hotel is acknowledging that they have arrived.

Hospitality Suites – A hospitality suite is a room that allows the guests to bring their own food to the room. The hotel could give the soldiers the convenience of this type of room to show their support and to accommodate the members of the event.

Discounted Rates – You hotel should be offering you discounted group rates at least 20% below their regular rates. If they are not, try getting group rates from nearby hotels by filling out this form.

Small Flag in Every Room – The hotel can show the military men and women respect and honor by putting a small flag in every room that will be occupied by the soldiers. When they come into the room they will be met by a sign of patriotism.

Room Key – Having room keys that are especially for the military guests with American Flags on them will be a unique touch that will help to make the soldiers and veterans support and honor their service in the military.

Red White and Blue Linens – If the reunion is being held in the hotel’s banquet room the staff should put red, white and blue linens on the tables. The hotel may also want to use red, white and blue banners or swags to decorate the room for the military reunion guests.

National Anthem – During the breakfast hour in the morning the hotel should play the national anthem in the lounge or cafeteria area. This will show the military members respect and patriotism when enjoying breakfast.

Free Shuttle – The hotel should offer the military members that are attending the reunion free shuttle rides to nearby attractions or events. This will be especially helpful if the group will be sightseeing or enjoying local amenities. If the soldiers are planning dinners away from the hotel they will have the convenience of a shuttle ride. Having transportation will also eliminate the need for the guests to rent a vehicle and will cut travel costs.

During the planning of a military reunion there are several things that the hotel should take into consideration. Everything from table decorations to room preparations should be taken into account. Showing patriotism for the soldiers and their families will make them feel welcome during their stay at the hotel.

What Should You Do Next?

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