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Are You Wasting Time Calling Hotels?

If you need to block hotel rooms for wedding guests, then you should know that calling hotels one at a time is completely unnecessary. With our easy room block system, you’ll have a block of rooms for wedding guests in no time, and with far less hassle.

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Enter your details
Just fill out one short form that won’t take more than five minutes of your time. We’ll send your request to hotels that match your needs.

Step 2: Get Group Rates From Dozens Of Hotels
Only hotels in your desired city and budget will email you their group rates in less than five minutes.

Step 3: Block Rooms For Wedding Guests
Compare what each hotel has to offer, and block rooms for wedding guests quickly.

Block Hotel Rooms Now

What You Get?

Fast, free quotes from dozens of hotels
Once you fill out the form, you’ll get dozens of hotels bidding on your room block. Hotels that you did not think to consider will bid alongside those that you were going to call anyway. And since hotels know they are competing, rates can be as much as 70% off regular prices.

Free rooms for the couple and more
Many of our hotels offer a free room for the bride and groom. You can use this room on your wedding night, or as the room to get ready in before the wedding. Or give it to someone in your wedding party. Your choice….

Competitive rates breed favorable results
When you call hotels individually, many want to charge you a deposit or want to hold you responsible for unused rooms. With our system, hotels bid against each other, and many of them will offer you the best deals that involve no deposit, and you won’t be responsible for unused rooms in your block.

Block Hotel Rooms Now

And the best part is that our service is completely free!

That’s right. You’ll get group rates from dozens of hotels in less time than it would for you to make one phone call to a hotel, and we will charge you nothing at all.

You’re less than five minutes away from a room block.

So get started now.

Block Hotel Rooms Now

We have relationships with over 50,000 hotels

From small boutiques to large wedding hotels
So if you're looking for a small NYC hotel for your wedding guests or a large one near your wedding venue, you'll find what you are looking for with us.

We've got every brand in our system
We work with all the brands including Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn and independent hotels too.

We're global
From London to San Francisco, New York City to Orlando, you'll have no trouble getting a room block for your wedding. With over 50,000 hotels, you can expect dozens of hotels to respond to your room block request.

We guarantee the lowest rates
Before you see any bids from our partner hotels, we scan the ethers of the internet to make sure the rates you see are the lowest around. If you don't believe us, give it a try. It's completely free, and your wedding guests will appreciate the savings :)

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