Checklist For Blocking Hotel Rooms For A Wedding

resort-punta-canaNeed help blocking hotel rooms for wedding guests.

Hotels will offer discount group travel rates if you are looking to block more than 10 rooms.

Once you have decided on a date for your wedding, you should start reserving rooms at a hotel for out of town guests.

The following checklist is just one of several articles that should help you get the best deal possible for your wedding room block.

One year before wedding

  • Either contact hotels individually to get rates or fill out this group hotel rates form to get hotels in the area to send you rates via email.
  • Compare rates and amenities offered by all the hotels. Select one or two hotels and negotiate amenities like a free suite for you and your spouse.
  • Review hotel room block contract to make sure it includes all the amenities that you requested and also to make sure there are no attrition clauses.
  • Once those are done, sign away

Two Months before wedding

  • Send out invitations along with hotel room block letter

1 month before wedding

  • This will be (most likely) your cutoff date for your hotel room block.
  • Have the salesperson at the hotel send you a rooming list. This will let you know which of your guests have already made reservations.
  • Send out a reminder email to guests that have not made a reservation to do so quickly as the hotel may sell out.

Two weeks before wedding

  • Verify details with the hotel salesperson around two weeks prior to the wedding. Go over every detail in the contract and make sure the hotel will keep its end of the bargain. Things have a way of dropping through the cracks at hotels so make sure you are diligent in this step.
  • If you have negotiated a shuttle, verify times.

1-2 days before wedding

  • Drop off goody bags at the hotel with a welcome letter for your wedding guests at the hotel.

Day of wedding

  • Have fun!
  • From getting discount group travel rates to negotiating with the hotel, the process is relatively simple and if done according to the steps above, your guests will be well taken care of on your wedding day.

What should you do next?

Booking a hotel for out of town guests does not have to be complicated. Start by getting group rates for hotels.

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