Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Blocking Hotel Rooms For A Wedding

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If you are getting married, there is a good chance you’re going to need to get a block of hotel rooms for wedding out of town wedding guests. However, reserving these rooms can often be a frustrating experience if you are not familiar with the basics of blocking hotel rooms.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about blocking hotel rooms for out of town wedding guests. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

FAQ About Blocking Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

  1. What Does It Mean To Block Rooms For A Wedding?
  2. Is There An Easy Way To Block Hotel Rooms For Out Of Town Guests?
  3. How Early Should I Block Hotel Rooms For A Wedding?
  4. Do You Have To Pay For Rooms Not Used In A Wedding Block?
  5. How Many Hotel Rooms Should I Reserve For My Wedding Guests?
  6. Should I Book Multiple Hotels For My Wedding Guests?
  7. What 3 Hotel Amenities Do Out Of Town Wedding Guests Really Want?
  8. Is There A Checklist For Blocking Hotel Rooms For A Wedding?
  9. How Close Should The Hotel Be To The Wedding?
  10. What Is A Courtesy Room Block? How Do i Get One?

FAQ About Room Block Etiquette

  1. Do Wedding Guests Pay For Their Own Hotel Rooms?
  2. Do I Have To Block Hotel Rooms For My Wedding Guests?
  3. Do You Have A Sample Letter With Room Block Details I Can Send To Wedding Guests?
  4. Do You Have A Sample Welcome Letter For Wedding Guests?
  5. What Should I Include In Wedding Gift Bags For Guests
  6. Do You Have To Provide A Shuttle To The Wedding For Hotel Guests?
  7. Should You Pay For Your Bridal Party’s Hotel Rooms?

FAQ About Room Block Contracts

  1. How Much Deposit Is Required To Reserve A Block Of Rooms For A Wedding?
  2. How To Negotiate A Block Of Hotel Rooms For A Wedding
  3. What Should I Look For In A Contract For A Wedding Room Block?
  4. Questions To Ask When Booking A Hotel For Wedding Guests
  5. How Can I Get A Free Shuttle To The Wedding Venue?

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