How To Arrange Transportation For Wedding Guests?

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One thing that many couples underestimate is the number of out of town guests that will need transportation to the wedding. Since guests are primarily coming for the wedding, it makes little sense for many of them to rent a car for the weekend.

While arranging for transportation to the wedding is not your responsibility, it makes sense to have something set up. Doing so will prevent guests from getting lost and, as a result, arriving late to the wedding. Plus, it adds a nice touch.

Here are three options you should consider for wedding guests that need transportation.

Option 1: Hotel Shuttle

A hotel shuttle should be your primary choice when looking to arrange for transportation to the wedding. Many hotels near your wedding venue will offer complimentary shuttle service to/from the event provided that you reserve a block of rooms there for out of town guests.

In fact, you wedding venue may already have a deal setup with a nearby hotel that provides transportation for wedding guests that are staying at that hotel. Your best bet is to ask the coordinator at the wedding venue for more information.

If you want a list of hotels that provide shuttle service to your wedding venue, fill out this form and in the comments section, add the following:

“We are looking to book a block of hotel rooms at a hotel near [name of wedding venue]. We will give preference to the hotel that provides complimentary shuttle service to/from the event”.

While not every hotel will offer complimentary shuttle service, many will offer to transport guests for a nominal fee (around $50 to cover for gas, and driver costs).

If you block a lot of rooms (more than 20-30 a night), many hotels will offer shuttle service willingly. The only issue is that the shuttle in most cases can only accommodate 7-12 passengers so they may have to make multiple trips.

Option 2: Friends and family

The next best option is to ask some of the younger family members to help out with transportation with their own cars. In addition, you can also ask a friend or two (that is not in the bridal party) to help out.

If you use this option, then make sure to create a list of who needs transportation, and then match them up with who will provide it.

The disadvantage with this option is that you are limited by the number of people that are willing to help you.

Option 3: Rent a bus

A bus provides the ultimate transportation option because all your guests will leave and come back at the same time. This option is perfect for weddings with a large number of out of town guests as well as for destination weddings. The disadvantage is the cost to rent the bus.

Typically, a school bus (yes, the yellow variety) can cost anywhere from $200-$400 for the day and a coach will run between $600-1000. Keep in mind that some hotels may split this cost with you if you are taking up a lot of rooms at the hotel.

While you are not required to provide transportation for wedding guests, it certainly adds a really nice touch. It shows that you went out of your way to make sure that wedding guests were provided every comfort and convenience.

What should you do next?

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