Questions To Ask When Blocking Hotel Rooms For Your Wedding Guests

Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen—Beach weddingNot sure what to ask the hotel when you are blocking rooms for wedding guests?

This is a common problem most brides have. Other than event planners, not a lot of people are familiar with the in’s and outs of blocking hotel rooms. Below, we have listed several questions that you should be asking every hotel on your list.

What list?

Many brides make the mistake of getting group hotel rates from just one hotel and calling it a day. Why? They don’t have time to call hotels all over town looking for rates. Don’t make this mistake as it severely reduces your bargaining power.

You can get group rates for hotels online so you don’t need to call hotels individually. Just complete one simple group hotel rates form and hotels email you (yes, email..) their group rates without you having to do anything. Oh, and the service is free.

Once you have offers from several hotels, then get ready to ask questions about booking hotel rooms for wedding guests.

What questions should I ask?

We have organized the questions into three sections so it’s easier to follow.

  1. Questions regarding the blocking of rooms (# of rooms etc..)
  2. Questions regarding the contract (Attrition rates, cancellation policies..)
  3. Questions regarding the amenities (Freebies….. What do you get for blocking rooms at their hotel?)

Let’s start with the first set of questions:

General questions regarding the blocking of rooms

  1. Is there a minimum number of rooms you have to block?
  2. What would be the cutoff date be?
  3. Will reservations be accepted after the cutoff date at your discounted rates as long as there is availability?
  4. How will they let you know who has reserved rooms? Email?
  5. Is there a point person who coordinates these types of events, or will I be dealing with a different person every time I call?
  6. Can they block your guests’ rooms next to each other?
  7. Do they have an online code for your guests to receive the group rate or do they have to call the hotel directly?

Read more in our FAQ Section On Blocking Hotel Rooms

Questions related to the room block contract

  1. Is a deposit required? If so, how much? When is the deposit due? May I make partial payments? When is the final payment due?
  2. Do you offer a courtesy room block?
  3. Is there an attrition clause? If so, ask that it be removed.
  4. What is the penalty if you cancel the whole room block?
  5. What responsibility do the bride and groom have in the contract? (should be none).
  6. Can you add more rooms if you fill up your block at the same discount?
  7. At what date will they release the rooms (when do people need to book by).
  8. Can guests extend their stay at the discounted rate if they want to make it a longer weekend or short vacation?
  9. Is parking included in the room rate? If not, how much is parking? Is this negotiable?
  10. Do you have a minimum or maximum number of rooms that can be added to the block? Can this number be adjusted later?

Questions about complementary services and amenities (i.e. Free stuff)

  1. What amenities are included – is there a pool, brunch or breakfast?
  2. Will the guests room be scattered throughout the hotel or can their rooms be close to each other?
  3. How can I deliver out of town OOT gift bags? Sometimes the hotel charges for this so make sure you know what is included. If they do charge, then see if you can hand out bags at the rehearsal dinner to avoid paying the hotel.
  4. Do they have a room available for day after brunch or to open gifts in? If so, is there an extra cost?
  5. Does the hotel have a complimentary hotel shuttle that can transport guests to and from the ceremony or reception areas? Is there an extra charge if you want to reserve this shuttle exclusively for your party?
  6. Will they provide free breakfast to your guests?
  7. Is Wi-Fi included in the group rate?
  8. Do they provide the bride and groom with a complimentary bridal suite?
  9. Will they provide welcome notes to your hotel guests?
  10. Will they put a sign on the marquee welcoming your guests (ex. Welcome Smith/Tolsen wedding party)

General hotel related questions

The following are general hotel related questions that can be answered by doing some research online.

  1. What amenities are included in your regular rooms?
  2. Do you have any suites? If so, how many?
  3. Do you have handicapped accessible rooms? If so, how many?
  4. What is your check-in time? What is your check-out time?
  5. Does your hotel have a restaurant?
  6. Is breakfast included with an overnight stay?
  7. Do you have a business center? A fitness center?
  8. Do you have a pool? Is it heated? Indoors?
  9. Do you provide transportation to the local airport?

Rather than try and wing it, just copy/paste the questions above to yourself in an email or print this page to take with you when you visit the hotel. Not only will you come off as someone who has done their research, you will also have the information to decide on which hotel offer is the best for you.

What should you do next?

Take a look at our FAQ page where we have listed the most common questions brides have asked about getting a block of rooms at a hotel.

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