Class Reunion Meeting Agenda – Download Free Template

Ever been to a meeting where the organizer has no set agenda? Where the person in charge just rambles on from topic to topic with no coherent structure to the meeting. We’ve all been there and know that a meeting should be organized differently.

If you are organizing a class reunion meeting for your committee, then the first step to ensuring that your meeting is on track is to create an agenda of what will be talked about. This way, classmates on the committee can come prepared with any necessary documentation and/or ideas of how to implement different pieces of the class reunion planning process.

To help you create a class reunion meeting agenda, we have created a sample class reunion planning agenda that you can use as a template to create your own.

Email The Agenda Before The Meeting

As a class reunion planner, it is your job to make sure that an agenda is created ahead of time and emailed to the attendees. Doing so will ensure that classmates know what to expect and can prepare themselves with any questions or suggestions.

Without an agenda, a meeting will waffle from topic to topic with no set direction, or any sense of time. To avoid that, make sure you set up a specific format for the meeting.

Make The Meeting Flow Properly With The Proper Format

The format for a class reunion meeting agenda needs to be specific. You want to set it up in a way that each area of discussion then builds upon itself as the meeting progresses. For example, it makes little sense to talk about blocking hotel rooms if the date for the class reunion has not been finalized. Once you iron out the dates, then you talk about how to block hotel rooms for a class reunion.

In order to create a class reunion planning agenda that flows properly, make sure to discuss topics in the order below. It will make your class reunion planning meeting much more productive.

  • Introductions
  • Volunteer For Committees
  • Discuss Dates, Location, and Venue
  • Activities
  • Event Specifics
  • Develop Budget
  • Set next meeting date

Don’t Cram Too Much

Trying to cram too much into your meetings will result in overwhelmed classmates. Instead of trying to accomplish too much in one meeting, space things out over several meetings. This will give classmates a chance to get to know one another while they plan and organize the event.

Following the instructions above will result in productive class reunion planning meetings. Not only will you be able to plan a fun event, you will also rekindle many a friendship and create new ones along the way.

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