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Get group rate for any kind of group cruise including weddings, reunions, or corporate travel.


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Group Hotel Rates

  • Get group hotel rates in five minutes
  • The lowest group rates ... guaranteed!
  • Cash rebate from us
  • Free hotel rooms
  • Pay as a group or individually

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Group Airfare Rates

Planning to fly out as a group? Get group rates by filling out one form. Fast, easy, simple!

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In five minutes, I had group rates for 15 hotels. You saved me not hours, but days of work. Great, great service!

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Get competing quotes fast by filling out one simple form and watch as everyone bids to get your group business. Whether you are looking for group hotels, cruises, or airfare rates, there is no easier way to get group rates.

Get Group Rates For Hotels, Cruises And Airfare

Depending on your needs, hotels, cruses or airlines will email you their lowest available group rates. No need to make a dozen phone calls or paying phone tag.

Compare And Select The Best Deal

Compare group rates and select the best deal. You can pay individually or as a group. There is no credit card needed and there are no obligations on your part. Get started by filling out the group rates form for hotels, cruises, or airfare.

Why Choose

Want to save time? We have over 50,000 hotels, every airline and every major cruise company ready to respond to your group request.  You can choose to call each of them individually and waste days, if not weeks. Or you can fill out one form and have everyone email their rates directly.

Want to save money? Then get hotels, cruises and airlines compete on your group business. Rather than trying to haggle with each one individually, have them bid against each other, saving you up to 70% off regular rates.

Want free perks? Going as a group doesn't just mean that you get low rates. With us, you can get free hotel rooms (or cruise cabins) or even  free airfare depending on your needs. You can use it yourself or give it to someone in your group.

Want flexibility? Every group is different. Some need to pay individually and others want to pay together.  Some want free breakfast, and others want to be near a certain location. Regardless of your group travel needs, we will work out a solution that you're going to be happy with. We deal direct with group sales departments at hotels, cruise lines and airlines.