What Is The Average Discount When You Get Group Hotel Rates?

Image showing average savings of 24.6% for three star hotels, 15.9% for 2 star hotels, and 23.6% for 4 star hotels.

The easiest way to save a huge amount of money when traveling with a group is to get group rates. Just take a look at the savings above.

If you can’t see the image above, it shows that you should be getting an average discount of 24.6% for three star hotels, a savings of 15.9% for a two star hotel, and a savings of 23.5% for a four star hotel.

How much of a discount can you expect when you block rooms for a group?

Take a look at the savings above. Chances are, you’re not saving this much money by calling hotels on your own. Are you surprised at how large a group discount you get when you block rooms at a hotel?

After all, an average group hotel discount of 24% on a 3-star hotel can yield a sizable savings to both you and your guests. So why aren’t you getting these kinds of savings?

Here’s why you aren’t getting great group hotel discounts

A lack of knowledge and and a genuine lack of time. Most people are not aware that you get group hotel rates online or that they do not have to individually call hotels all over the city.

In fact, most people just call one hotel and a week later have themselves a signed contract that is as one sided as a sumo wrestler stomping an ant.

So what should you do? Follow the instructions below.

How you can get the lowest group hotel rates

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