Destination Wedding Locations

Do you need help selecting a great location for a destination wedding?

Step 1 - What kind of destination wedding you want

There are thousands of destination wedding locations that you can choose from so the first step in narrowing down the list of cities will be the type of wedding you want.


You can choose any type but the most popular ones are The City Wedding, Vineyard Weddings, European Wedding, Castle Weddings, Ski Wedding, Island Wedding, Adventure Wedding, Cruise Wedding, and Specialty: Disney Weddings


Once you know the type of wedding you want to have, the list of cities that can service your wedding will narrow tremendously.

Step 2 – The best time to wed


Knowing when you want to get married will further reduce the number of cities on your list of top destination wedding locations.


For example, if you are from NYC and are looking to have a beach wedding in January, your most obvious options are going to be Florida, the Caribbean islands, or Mexico.


Having reduced the number of cities by choosing the type of destination wedding (Step 1) and the time of year (Step 2), you now have one final step to further reduce the number of cities: Travel time and cost.

Step 3 – How far are you willing to travel?


Consider how far you are willing to travel. While some rare individuals are willing to take a 15 hour flight across the world, most of us want to keep the travel time to less than five hours.


Travel time to your destination wedding location is supremely important not only for your sanity, but also for your guests. The further away your destination, the less your wedding guests will be inclined to make the trip. Plus, as a general rule, the further away your destination wedding location, the more expensive it will be.

Step 4 - Fine tune your list


You can further narrow the list of destination wedding sites based on:

  • number of direct flights,
  • cost of wedding venues,
  • group rates at hotels,
  • and transportation costs


Once you have the perfect location in mind, it's time to start planning the wedding. Just make sure you don't try to do everything by yourself. Get friends, relatives and even a wedding planner to help plan the destination wedding.

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