How To Save On Hotels When You Travel As A Group

Sheraton Guiyang Hotel—Lobby LoungeGroup Hotel Rates vary based on several factors including the time of the year, special events, and your budget.

Finding deals on hotel rooms and meeting spaces can seem difficult if you do not know how to navigate the world of group hotels.

Taking the following tips into consideration will yield significant discounts for your group business travel

Group Hotel Rates

Group Hotel Rates typically take up quite a bit of time for meeting planners. Calling various hotels around town looking for rates is often frustrating since you end up playing lots of phone tag with various group sales managers at hotels. Instead, try using our group hotel rates form and see how we have made this process as easy as making pancakes with Bisquick.

Fill out our group rates form and hotels from your desired city will send their lowest group rates for your group business travel. We are so confident in our service, we guarantee that you cannot get lower rates anywhere else. Give it a shot and let us know how it worked out.


Know your group travel history. This is important because it will allow you to avoid attrition. If you go into the booking of the hotel with a conservative estimate of how many people will be booking rooms, you will avoid having to keep your promises on rooms that will not be filled.

Value of your Meeting

Understanding the value of your meeting when negotiating group hotel rates and meeting space is important. You should go into the meeting with data on how much your group will spend not simply on rooms, space and food and beverage but also data from past visits to the restaurant, resort, golf course and spa that are connected to the hotel. Having this information will give the hotel a better picture of the business that you will provide with your event.


First tier cities always have been and always will be very expensive for any kind of group travel. You will find that there is more availability if you move down tiers to second or third. The lower the demand for the space or rooms, the lower the rates will be. You will also notice that it is easier to negotiate rates and other essentials such as meeting space at convention centers if you approach them from the second or third tiers.


Consider using universities for meeting space. As long as you do not take up any sleeping space, typically renting space at a university is much cheaper than a convention center or hotel. You will however be required to provide your own food and beverage if you reserve a meeting space at a local university.


Being flexible on your dates and times will save you money when booking your group business travel. You will find bigger discounts if you can book during off seasons or when there are holes that need to be filled in the hotel’s calendar.


Do your research. Determine if there is any competition with other group hotels or convention centers in the area. Consider how busy the market is at the time that you are looking to book or rent the space. Look at things like how long the hotel has been in business and what season you will be booking in. All of this will have a direct effect on the rates you are given for your rooms.

Cash Discounts

When you are in negotiation, ask the hotel or convention center for a cash discount for payments that are made on-site. This will save you money and also allow you to be specific on the payment options for your final total and any deposits that must be made.


You may choose to negotiate a no-deposit agreement. Another option is to place the deposit into an interest bearing account. This will save you money and you will have the ability to use this money for other aspects of the meeting.

Just Ask

During negotiations, ask for everything that you want. You may want to make a list of your needs before you go into the meeting. Some of the things that you may want to ask for include;

  • Airport transfers
  • Late checkout times
  • Free office space
  • Free internet usage
  • Free local calls
  • Reduced or free parking arrangements
  • Welcome notes or gifts for your guests

There are several ways to save on group hotel rates and meeting spaces. If you know what things to look for and the way to save, you will have a more productive and efficient meeting and the planning will yield much better group hotel rates for your group business travel.

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