How To Get A Group Cruise Discount?

Costa PacificaAre you looking for discount group cruise rates?

Whether you are planning a reunion (Family, School, Military), a wedding cruise, a corporate cruise or any other kind, the methods below apply equally.

Step 1 – Decide on a destination, dates, and duration of cruise

Step 2 – Instead of calling a dozen cruise lines individually (And wasting a lot of time), use our online group cruise rates form (It’s a free service).

Once you submit the details of your group, our trained group cruise specialists will be able to negotiate better group discounts with the same cruise lines on your behalf. We have established relationships with all the cruise lines and get better discounts due to our high volume.

Having experienced group cruise specialists is advantageous as we can anticipate your needs even before you know you need them. Some of the things we arrange for are

  • Free cruise for group leaders – Book eight staterooms at double occupancy and you sail free.
  • Discounted group cruise rates – Depending on the time of the year, you can get as much as 50% off standard cruise rates
  • Negotiating help – We help negotiate rates that you can’t get on your own due to volume of our business.
  • Group dining – We can arrange for all members of your party to be seated together
  • Payment flexibility – Pay together as a group (Many corporate cruises prefer this) or pay individually (Many family reunions and wedding cruises prefer this).
  • Full color flier with group cruise details
  • Cocktail Parties, welcome receptions
  • Rooming Lists Shipboard credit for spas, massages, gaming
  • Meeting room – Have a private banquet or a meeting on the ship. Let us help you set it up.
  • Welcome gift in every room
  • Personalized service – Get help from a dedicated Group Cruise Specialist

Step 3 – Compare group cruise rates and any additional amenities offered by the cruise lines. We can present offers side by side so it’s easy to compare the offers. Before you decide, factor in any additional perks that the cruise line has offered and then make a decision. That’s it.

Getting discounted group cruise rates can be simple provided you know how to get them. Using the steps above will get you discounted rates and amenities that you would not have qualified for if you called cruise lines on your own. If you are planning a group cruise, fill out our  group cruise rates form. Our services are completely free with no obligations.

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