The Secrets to Creating Awesome Class Reunion Invitations

10-Year ReunionThe formal class reunion invitation should be a condensed version of the information included in the registration packet.

The main goal of the invite is to convey fun and excitement about the class reunion.

Keep the tone optimistic so people feel like they will miss out on something great if they don’t attend.

Don’t Bother With A Designer

Before you go about searching for a designer to create your invitation, you should know that many class reunions have already stopped sending physical invitations.

The trend is to send out class reunion invites via email. Not only is it free, the pre-designed templates are easy to use. Try using Evite or send out invitations through the class reunion website.

Follow This Format

A suggested format for a class reunion invite is the following:

Below is a sample email you can send out to the graduating class inviting them to the class reunion. Just insert the relevant details and copy and paste it into your email.

Greetings Class of [Insert Year Of Graduation]:

It’s Time for Our XXth Class Reunion!

It seems like only yesterday that we stood in the auditorium pledging allegiance in our homerooms. Time has flown by and it’s hard to believe that we are getting ready to celebrate our XXth class reunion.

The class reunion will be a great way for all of us to get together and catch up. It’s been so long since we have seen each other that I don’t think a weekend will do. Plus, having a class reunion will also give us all a chance to walk the halls that we once did. The school is very different now and I, for one, would love to take a tour to see all the updates.

The homecoming activities will begin on [insert date] and end on [insert date]. We have put the entire weekend schedule online at our website [Insert website URL] along with actual dates, times and events.

Registration is open now and you can register online and pay with a credit card. Please register before [Insert date] to get the early bird discount. Paying early provides us with the cash flow to continue planning this event and it also gives us a better idea when we are reserving hotels, banquets, and activities so we hope you make the decision to attend soon.

We are hoping for a great turnout and look forward to a spectacular class reunion. Please mark your calendars today, and plan to join us all in celebrating our lives.

We have reserved a block of hotel rooms (If you don’t know how to do this, please click here) at a great discount at [Name of hotel]. Please call [Insert number] and mention group code [insert code] to make the reservation.

You can expect us to contact you periodically with updates about our progress. In the mean time, please visit our class reunion website. You will find lots that the message boards are a great way to communicate with your classmates ahead of time. We also have a lot of polls, pictures, and videos that we think you will find interesting and funny.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the class activity please contact [Insert name],

At [Insert number] or email them at [Insert email address].



P.S. I encourage you to become an active part of [University name] present and future. We are looking to present a class gift during the festivities so please consider making a donation in the next few months.

Remember that the invitation is supposed to attact people to the class reunion. If you send out a tired looking email with no design element, the response may be tepid. Instead, try using some of the techniques below to make your email stand out.

Use School Colors For Class Reunion

Use a minimum of two school colors and a maximum of three for your invitations. Using a light colored envelope and a dark ink on the invitation is a safe bet.

Include Class Reunion Agenda

Include bite sized details about events, speakers, banquets, activities, and any other social gatherings. Try to avoid writing the agenda in dry mundane language. Use active descriptive words that create a sense of want in your readers (e.g. “Banquet Dinner & Dance” vs. “Join Us For a Culinary Feast Followed By A Disco Dance Program”).

Try to be brief but give enough detail to leave them wanting to know more. Include a website address for more details, Make sure to include a discussion forum on the class reunion website so that your potential attendees can talk to each other prior to the actual class reunion. This alone will increase your attendance rate since it will create the “buy in” that is needed to get people involved).

Include Directions and Hotel Room Block information

Directions to every event (e.g. Banquets, group travel activities etc.) from a central location like the hotel where out of town reunion members are staying is usually a good spot. Giving directions to the hotel from the airport is also necessary. Include hotel information where you have reserved a block of rooms for your class reunion.

Make sure to include the hotel name, telephone number, website URL, and the name of the room block at the hotel (e.g. Class Reunion 1967) when guests call to make a reservation.

Use Popular Culture

When designing the theme, think of the movies, clothing styles, and the culture surrounding your graduation class. If you are planning a 50’s theme, then think of the Fonz, cheeseburger joints, and milkshakes. Use themes to accentuate the invitation design. Be creative and have fun while incorporating these ideas into the theme of the invitation.

Staying organized and planning things out far in advance of the event is the key to success when planning your class reunion. Sending out invitations is just one of many steps that will make your reunion successful.

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