Three Things To Consider Before Your Start Planning Your Class Reunion

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There are three crucial decisions that have to be made initially for every class reunion to take off. Find out what they are in this article.

While there are literally dozens of things that a class reunion planner has to decide upon, just about every decision is contingent upon three things:

  • The type of class reunion
  • The location of the reunion
  • The budget

All three of these considerations work together when planning a class reunion that is both memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Types Of Class Reunions

There are two types of reunions to consider, formal and informal. You may choose to have an informal class reunion at a park, restaurant or hotel, while you may want to have a formal reunion at a banquet facility, country club, upscale hotel, and restaurant or even take a class reunion cruise.

Depending on the venue that you choose, you will need to consider the price to charge for the meal, entertainment and any extras.

Informal Reunions (Cover charge- $20 to $30 per person)

Informal reunions are those that are casual dress and more laid back. You may want to have a buffet style meal where everyone brings a covered dish or a barbecue picnic. Here are some ideas of different types of informal class reunions:

  • Picnic – A picnic is an option that will be laid back and informal. You may want to cater the event and include meal items such as barbecue chicken or wings. You could also host a potluck class reunion where everyone brings a dish to share. Once you have an accurate count of how many people will be in attendance, you can let your classmates know so they know how much to prepare.
  • Restaurant – If you are planning to have dinner at a restaurant consider an option that is less formal. You may consider a pizza parlor or buffet. A pricier restaurant may be too expensive for some and will lower your attendance.
  • Hotels – You may consider having the class reunion at a local hotel. Some hotels will have banquet areas that hold a smaller group or less formal event. When booking the venue make sure that you have an idea of how many people will be coming to the event. Also, make sure to block hotel rooms at the same hotel for out of town guests (Read How to get group rates for hotels).
  • VFW, Elk Lodge, Community Center – You can also use a local community center as a class reunion location. Many of these places will let you bring food from home, cater, or even cook in theoir kitchen. They are usually a much cheaper, albeit less elegant, option that would work for many class reunions. If you are looking to learn more, read our article “How To Select The Date, Location, And Type Of Class Reunion“.

Formal Reunions (Cover Charge- $50 to $100 per person)

Another option for the general atmosphere of your class reunion is to hold a more formal affair. This may be a more appealing choice for class reunions that have not met in a while. There are several options for venues for this type of reunion as well.

  • Banquet/Catering Facility – One option for a formal class reunion is a banquet or catering facility. The atmosphere allows for a sit down affair with more meal choices. Most venues will offer a selection for you to choose from and some may also give you a couple of choices to give everyone on which meal they would prefer. Read about class reunion catering tips here.
  • Country Club – A country club is another option. This is also a venue that will allow for a more formal atmosphere. Be sure that when you book this venue you have an accurate count of people that will be attending the class reunion. You will also need to include any information about dress codes or black tie requirements when sending the final invitation for a country club reunion.
  • Hotels – This is an option that will offer a convenience for those that may be traveling from out of town. You will be able to book a reception hall or banquet room in the same hotel that your classmates will be staying in. This will also offer your classmates that live close to the venue the option of driving home after the event as well.
  • Restaurants – Try to find a restaurant that has a banquet or separate room that you can hold your class reunion in. Make sure that you keep the total number of attendees in mind when making reservations or plans for a class reunion at a restaurant.

Try to set your cover charge or price point at $50 to $100 per person. This should cover the meal and beverage at the event along with some entertainment and activities. You may choose to do a cash bar at the event as well.

Additional Option

Class Reunion Cruise (Cover charge-$300-$800 per person)

Another option to consider is a cruise. You will be able to choose from a vacation style cruise or a local dinner style cruise. A vacation style cruise will be more expensive for everyone that will be attending and may not fit into every one’s schedules. However, this option offers a vacation getaway and a chance for people to mingle and reconnect over several days at sea. Learn more about planning a group cruise today.

Another cruise option is a dinner cruise ($50-100 per person). This is a cruise that will take you around the local area while you enjoy dinner together with your fellow classmates. This option may be more in every one’s budget and will allow for a great atmosphere and entertainment options.

When choosing the type of reunion, venue and budget you will need to keep in mind whether you would like a formal or informal reunion setting. There are many options for places to hold the reunion. Each comes with considerations in budget as well as meal and entertainment options. With these ideas, you will be well on your way to choosing a venue and type of reunion that is right for you and your classmates.

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